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Trinity Financial Fellowship

Trinity Financial Fellowship in Urban Studies

Current Fellows: 

Christine Calvo My thesis will explore East Fordham Rezoning in combination with the redesign of Fordham Plaza. I will research the history behind the current zoning of East Fordham Road and how the new rezoning will change the character of the street and impact local businesses. I also plan to integrate the redesign of Fordham Plaza into my thesis and demonstrate how the redesign will improve traffic circulation and transit access. My thesis will formulate how both the redesign of the Plaza and rezoning will be major transformations to the built and commercial environment of the Fordham and Belmont communities.
Christine Calvo  
Carolyn Hart My thesis will address the role that community and cultural institutions play in the neighborhoods that they operate in. Using my interdisciplinary experience as an Urban Studies student as a basis for my project, my thesis will integrate my internship experience with an examination of other successful community programs. I will ultimately explore whether or not such institutions have the ability to improve and revitalize the neighborhoods that they are a part of.
Carolyn Hart  

The Trinity Financial Fellowship supports the academic research of two outstanding Urban Studies undergraduate majors at Fordham University as they complete their senior internship and thesis. The Fellowship is awarded to students proposing an internship and thesis that connects with the efforts of community groups to revitalize distressed areas in New York City. 

Participants in the Trinity Financial Fellowship produce senior theses related to social and economic concerns, community and cultural initiatives, the built environment and environmental justice. The project culminates with student presentations at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. The projects will be published in the Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal and on the Urban Studies website.

Eligible students must be entering their senior year. Application materials will be available in early 2014.

Questions regarding the Fellowship should be directed to Professor Wakeman, Trinity Financial Fellowship Advisor by email at

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