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The Galleries at Fordham

The department has two exhibition spaces centrally located on the Lincoln Center Campus: The Ildiko Butler and The Lipani Gallery .

The Lipani Gallery is located in the Visual Arts Complex. Exhibitions feature student works, student curated exhibitions and selected works by professors from their classes.

The Ildiko Butler is a more public space located off the main lobby at the Lincoln Center campus, Columbus Avenue entrance. Featured exhibitions include shows curated by faculty and guest curators. These shows examine issues in the visual arts and are of interest to the entire university community. In the spring semester the galleries are reserved for Senior Thesis exhibitions.

Selection of  Exhibitions
            • 2008–2010
            • Matthew Carter: The Making of a Typeface (graphic design)
          • The September Show (painting, drawing)
          • What’s your Problem?: Design and Social Responsibility
              •      (graphic design)
            Pa-Per View (painting, drawing)
          • Behind the Curtain: Theatre Poster Designs
            (graphic design)
          • Exploring the Line (painting, drawing and sculpture)
          • Polyautography (painting, drawing)
          • The Greening of Lower Manhattan: Exhibition of studies
            and charettes about the development of lower
                 Manhattan by leading architectural firms
          • Trigger: Projects initiated by graphic designers
            (Graphic Design)
          • SuperNatural (painting, drawing)
          • Orvieto: Selections from the Visual Arts Fordham study
                 abroad summer program
            (student exhibition)
          • Abbaye: Photos by Michelle Elzay (photography)
          • Against the Grain: Book Cover and Jacket designs by
                 Lustig, Lustig-Cohen, Kidd and de Wilde
            (graphic design)
          • Prototypes: Models and Mockups / Physical Tools in the
                 Digital Age
          • 2011–2012
        • Roma
          Curated by Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock & Joseph Lawton
          January 4 – February 18, 2011
        • BENCHMARKS: Seven Women in Design | New York
          Curated by  Lindsay Reichart and Abby Goldstein
          From June 10 through August 15

          Graphic Modern
          USA, Italy and Switzerland 1934–66
          curated by Patricia Belen and Greg D’Onofrio
          June 15th through August

          The Unexplained Spaces Marked Off
          Organized by Anibal Pella-Woo and Daniel Willner
          August 3, 2012 to September 20, 2012

        • Rockslide
          Curated by Carleen Sheehan
        • October 1 – November 5, 2012

          Justin Berry
          Mary Carlson
          Marsha Cottrell
          Steve Di Bennedetto
          Franklin Evans
          Janet Gillespie
          Jared Handelsman
          Michelle Kloehn
          Katerina Lanfranco
          Joel Longenecker
          Tom McGrath
          Laura Newman
          Morgan O’Hara
          Ann Pibal
          Marcy Rosenblat
          Jackie Saccoccio
      • The 2011-2012 Documentary Photography: Italy/Japan Exhibition

        Curated by Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock & Joseph Lawton
      • November 12 - December 14, 2012
      • Participants in the program and exhibition:
        Italy: Tessa Abrahams, Corina Aparicio, Emily Atwood, Massiel Garcia, Cecilia Iliesiu, Jaclyn Krakowski, Donovan Longo, Joseph Mottola, Catherine Murphy, Michael, Raganella, Jacqueline Tozzi, Aubrey Vollrath, Jessica Wendroff, Xuan Zheng
        Japan: Kirstie Carrizales, Melanie Chamberlain, Diana Iacono, Katie Mavrovitis, Teresa Salinas, Rebecca Zoltowski
    • 2013
    • Senior Moments: Selections from the Senior Seminar
      Organized by Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
      December 13, 2012 - February 1, 2013
  • Participants in the class and exhibition:

    Tessa Abrahams, Liz Allocca, Vera Bennett, Apollonia Colacicco, Nicole DeMeo, Amanawil Lemi, Timothy Leuke, Jackie, Martonik, Catherine Murphy, Terrence O'Toole, Patricia, Peguero, Elle Radan, Teresa Salinas, Lucy Sutton, Catherine San Juan
Faculty Spotlight 2013
Joseph Lawton, David Storey, Mark Street
December 17, 2012 - February 14, 2013

Half-Frames: Photographs by J. Joseph Lynch, S.J.
Curators: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock & Anibal Pella-Woo
June 1 – July 31, 2013

All the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal
June 10 – July 19, 2013
Curator: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
Including: John Calhoun, Sigrid Jakob, Saul Metnick, Chihiro Nishio, Kota Sake, Daniel Seiple, and Eric van Hove

Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware)
An exhibition of confiscated art forgeries from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s holdings
July 26 – August 9, 2013
Organizers: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock and Daniel Small
The artists purportedly exhibiting are: James E. Buttersworth, Marc Chagall, Willem de Kooning, Tsuguhara Foujita, Juan Gris, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Maurice Prendergast, Rembrandt van Rijn, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Andy Warhol, and Hale Woodruff

Ildiko Butler Gallery Opening Exhibition
Featuring photographs by:
Ildiko Butler
Dylan Chandler
Tiffany Edwards
Joseph Lawton
Curator: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
On view: September 23 – October 31, 2013


Faculty Spotlight 2013
November 4, 2013 – January 17, 2014
Featuring works by: William Conlon
Sandra McKee
Ross McLaren

Gary Metz: Quaking Aspen: A Lyric Complaint
Curators: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock & Joseph Lawton
Essay: Edward Earle
Dates: January 20, 2014 – March 20, 2014
Fordham University, winter 2014
Rhode Island School of Design, fall 2014
Spéos International Photography School Paris/London, winter 2015
Syracuse University, spring 2015
Southeast Museum of Photography, fall 2015

from the Fordham University
Charles Francis | Graphic Design Archives

Curators: Curated by Abby Goldstein with Lucy Sutton and Sally Thurer
On view: February 3 through March 28, 2014
Senior Exhibitions
Each visual arts student has an opportunity to generate a thesis and the potential to conclude their four years at Fordham with an exhibition of their thesis work.
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  Visual Arts

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