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Major & Minor Requirements


Major Requirements:

The major consists of 10 courses.

Two Introduction Requirements:

WS_P3010-Feminist Theories in Intercultural Perspective

WS_P3020-Historical Texts

At Rose Hill, an alternative to the latter selected from the following: ENRU 4055-American Women's Literature, HSRU 3510-Gender in Modern France, HSRU 4034-Seminar American Feminist Literature, MLRU 3721-The French Feminists, PHRU 3901-The Philosophical Issues in Feminism, SORU 3402-Sociology of Sex Roles, RSRU 3430-Religion and Feminism, or RSRU 3435-Feminist Theology

Seven Electives:

Electives must fulfill both a concentration and a distribution of requirement. The concentration is comprised of four courses organized historically (e.g. Middle Ages, 20th Century, history of sexuality, etc.), thematically (e.g. women and employment, women and politics, etc.), or geographically (Latin America, Middle East, the United States, etc.). The four courses may be done in one discipline. The distribution requrirement is fulfilled by taking two courses from each of the following two areas of study: a) humanities, literary studies, cultural studies and b) history, social sciences, natural sciences. Courses for the concentration and distribution requirements should be chosen in consultation with an advisor from the Women's Studies program.

Senior internship, project, or thesis:

During the senior year, students choose to do a senior thesis, project, or internship under the direction of an advisor from the Women's Studies program.

Double Major Requirements:

The double major consists of eight courses for the Women's Studies major and the required number of courses for a major in another discipline or niterdisciplinary program.

The eight courses in Women's Studies are: Feminist Theories in Intercultural Perspective, Histories and Texts (or at Rose Hill, the alternatives listed above), and five electives. The five elections must fulfill a distribution requirement of two classes from each of the following areas of studies:
(a) humanities, literary studies, cultural studies;
(b) history, social sciences, natural sciences;
(c) a senior internship, project, or thesis.

Minor Requirements:

The minor consists of six courses in Women's Studies. The eight courses are: Feminist Theories in Intercultural Perspective, Histories and Texts (or at Rose Hill, the alternatives listed above), and four electives. The senior internship, project, or thesis may be chosen as one of the four electives. Lincoln Center and Rose Hill

Students may take courses at either Licoln Center or Rose Hill to fulfill the required and elective components of the major, double major, or minor

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