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About the Science Council

"The Fordham Science Council is a wonderful opportunity for alumni and friends of the University to support Fordham's commitment to outstanding research, teaching, and mentorship across the science disciplines.  Your leadership will enable us to support a world-class faculty and educate a new generation of students eager to continue on a journey of intellectual discovery and professional fulfillment.  Through research, medical practice, engineering, business, and innovation, Fordham graduates continue to produce new scientific knowledge and improve the world in which they live.  I invite you to become a member of the Council, to share your expertise and insight, and to help support the exciting future of science at Fordham."

Stephen Freedman, Ph.D., Provost and Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

"The Science Council is an alliance of Fordham’s alumni and friends that have committed themselves to the advancement of science, math and engineering within the University. Our members serve as mentors and advisors within the Fordham community. Externally, they serve as ambassadors to the health care, pharmaceutical, corporate, and government sectors. The phenomenal growth of science at Fordham parallels the growth of science within New York City. It is an exciting opportunity for those who place a high value on Jesuit education and have a passion for science to strategically impact the future of Fordham."

Robert D. Russo, M.D.   

The Science Council aims to promote the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) departments at our university in an unprecedented manner. From providing mentors for our students to modernizing our technological capabilities in the science departments, the Science Council reflects Fordham’s renewed commitment to providing our future scientists, physicians, and medical professionals with the tools they need to excel. Composed of our most distinguished alumni, the Council mentors our students, supports student research, and advises the deans of Fordham University on the best direction for the sciences at our university. More specifically, the Council offers:

• Two featured lectures and receptions each year, one by a distinguished alumnus; 
• High-level internships and fellowships for Fordham students;
• A catalog of alumni contacts;
• Career-counseling and mentoring events where alumni advise students; 
• Opportunities for students to “shadow” alumni professionals working in science and medicine;
• A quarterly e-newsletter featuring alumni interviews, student and faculty achievements, and recent graduate and medical school acceptance information  

The Fordham University Science Council

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