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As an undergraduate at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Amy Baldwin spent much of her time backstage as a design and production major in the Fordham Theatre program. But a few years after graduating in 2000, she swapped the stage for the lab, making a career change to become a forensic DNA analyst. Read more.
The next time you pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, Julia McGinnity, FCLC ’87, might have had something to do with making sure that you can take it safely. Read more.
Jonathan DeAssis With support from John DelliSanti, FCRH '88, GBA '97, and Carestream, Fordham has given senior Jonathan DeAssis a chance to conduct valuable vision research using state-of-the-art equipment. Read more.
 Amy Roy Temper tantrums seem like an inevitable—perhaps expected—part of early childhood. But, what if they become severe? And last until age seven or eight? Amy K. Roy, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Fordham, researches emotion regulation in children and adolescents. Read more.
Thomas Schiano, M.D., FCRH ’83, always knew he wanted to be physician, but he believes that Fordham focused him more on how to be a physician and gave him the resolve to practice medicine. He also believes that his education in philosophy gave him tools he was able to apply to medicine. Read more.
While working on his master’s degree, Nathan Thoma, Ph.D., GSAS ’08 and ’11, was under the tutelage of John Cecero, S.J., associate professor of psychology at Fordham, and his research was published in the journal Psychotherapy. His thesis explored how psychological treatments borrowed from other disciplines, and he found there was a particular leaning on the humanistic approach. Read more.
Fordham Mourns The Passing of Louis Del Guercio, M.D.
On March 8, a founding member of Fordham’s Science Council, Louis Del Guercio, M.D., FCRH ’49, died from complications from a brain tumor. Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean Michael Latham reflected upon Dr. Del Guercio’s leadership in a letter to the doctor’s family, which with permission from the family is exerted here. Read more.
The phenomenal success of Fordham’s students in the sciences is a result of the quality of our faculty. We credit much of this success to the star faculty at Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and the Calder Center. They are highly successful research scientists who love to teach and actively collaborate with students in their work. Their commitment to teaching and research is transforming the lives of our students. Read more.

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