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Thomas Schiano, M.D., FCRH ’83, always knew he wanted to be physician, but he believes that Fordham focused him more on how to be a physician and gave him the resolve to practice medicine. He also believes that his education in philosophy gave him tools he was able to apply to medicine. He found his classes at Fordham to be intellectually stimulating, and they taught him to always question things rather than take at face value—an important habit to have in medicine and research, as he believes it helps in thinking outside the box.

Dr. Schiano had a very formative experience at Rose Hill, and believes he received “outstanding training” in the sciences. For example, classes in molecular biology and genetics gave him a solid background in these disciplines, which he thinks is important because they have become the focus of his current field of practice. In addition, he found his education in philosophy and the liberal arts extremely rewarding in practicing medicine. “You’re not in a capsule. You’re interacting with people,” he says.  He believes there is an important need for good bedside manners and knowing how to interact with people, especially with the “end of life” discussions he has had with patients. He believes his experience at Fordham gave him the necessary tools to approach such challenging situations. He felt that the Fordham faculty, and the atmosphere on campus overall, pushed students to being compassionate toward people and to engage in direct service.

A hepatologist specializing mostly in liver and intestinal transplant treatment, Dr. Schiano currently practices out of the Mount Sinai Medical Center, serving as director of Clinical Hepatology and as medical director of the Intestinal Transplant Program. He is also professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

He is currently conducting research on Hepatitis C and exploring the role of treatments of the virus in people who have cirrhosis, and in people who need a liver transplant or have had a liver transplant.

Dr. Schiano received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with a minor in philosophy from Fordham in 1983, and then went on to medical school at the Universidad del Noreste in Mexico, graduating in 1987.

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