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Science Council Brings Mentoring to Campus
  The Fordham Science Council held four mentoring events at Rose Hill during the spring semester, attracting esteemed alumni from varied science fields to speak with Fordham students. Read more here.

Fordham Mourns The Passing of Louis Del Guercio, M.D.
On March 8, a founding member of Fordham’s Science Council, Louis Del Guercio, M.D., FCRH ’49, died from complications from a brain tumor. Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean Michael Latham reflected upon Dr. Del Guercio’s leadership in a letter to the doctor’s family, which with permission from the family is exerted here. Read more here.

Memorial Lecture Honors 'Science Son'
  A memorial lecture in the natural sciences department at Fordham College at Lincoln Center honored a professional dancer turned medical student whose promising career was cut short by cancer. “From Dancer to Doctor” paid tribute to Jose Bercero, M.D., PCS ’05, who took pre-med classes at Fordham while dancing full time with the Metropolitan Opera. After Fordham, Bercero went to medical school in Puerto Rico, where he was elected president of his student body. Tragically, he died in 2010 of throat cancer. Read more here.

Fordham Student Taps Mammals Large and Small for Tick Research
For her dissertation, Christine Zolnik, a doctoral candidate in biology who works out of the Louis Calder Biological Field Station’s vector ecology lab, is looking at the effects of urbanization on populations of ticks and two of their most common hosts—white-footed mice and eastern chipmunks. She spent this past summer trapping and taking DNA samples from them in locations ranging from the Bronx to Duchess County and Western Connecticut. During the summer of 2011, she collected ticks from the same locales. Once she has gathered enough samples, she plans to conduct genetic tests to compare the populations of ticks and their hosts at the sites. Read more here.

Meteorite Composition Confirmed by Fordham Lab
Under the guidance of Jon Friedrich, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, Fordham’s Chemistry lab confirmed that the meteorites are a carbonaceous chondrite of the CM chemical class, a rare type of meteorite that contains amino acids. These meteorites were recovered from Sutter’s Mill, a sawmill in Coloma, Calif., after a collision on April 22nd, 2012. Researchers at the SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center were curious about the composition of these meteorites and so turned to various scientists around the world for answers. Read more here.

Fordham Partners with Four Bronx Institutions
The partnership aims to support and expand ongoing research and scientific education between these institutions and in the Bronx, offering students and scientists new opportunities for community engagement. Read more here.

Unraveling the Science of Temper Tantrums
Amy K. Roy, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology, researches emotion regulation in children and adolescents, with particular attention to brain mechanisms that underlie anxiety and behavioral disorders. Funded by a National Institute of Mental Health research grant, Roy has been collaborating with researchers at the NYU Child Study Center to study children who have severe tantrums. By pinpointing the neurobiological causes of emotional lability, the team hopes to develop more targeted treatments for children with these concerns and refine the techniques that their parents can use. Read more here.

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