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Sheehan Ahmed
Sheehan Ahmed, a native of Bangladesh, graduated from FCRH in 2011 with a degree in physics. Sheehan has published articles on his research and presented at a research conference in Dallas. Sheehan is currently pursuing his PhD in physics at Rutgers University.

"The physics department is small and I think that’s a really good thing because we can just knock on any professor’s door, walk in and ask them a question, and talk with them for half an hour and they’re free to talk about anything. That’s one of the best things, the direct interaction you have with the professors. Small classes also help a lot and the professors are just really friendly."

Olivia Begasse
Olivia Begasse came to Fordham from France. She graduated from FCRH in 2011 with a double major in mathematics and biology, and is currently attending medical school at Columbia University.

"I came to Fordham originally because I wanted to stay in New York City all year around and it was a Jesuit university so that’s why I decided to apply because coming from abroad we don’t really know the level of the colleges and for me it shows the value of the education because it is known that a Jesuit education has high academic standards."

Daniel Blessing
Daniel graduated from FCRH in 2009 with a B.S. in Physics. While at FCRH, he was a Presidential Scholar and captain of the lacrosse team. In summer 2008, he completed an honors internship with the FBI. After graduation, Danny entered a Ph.D. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. 

"One professor who particularly inspired me was Dr. Richard Gianonne of the English Department, who taught a Senior Values Seminar on Four Modern American Catholic Writers. Because we usually disagreed, he challenged me to reevaluate my experience as a Catholic within the diverse American Catholic landscape. I am used to science classes where the truth is well-defined and can be found in laws and equations. The pursuit of truth in Gianonne’s class occurred in a very different but very tangible way."

Stephen Fox
A native of Dallas, Texas, Steven graduated from FCRH in 2011 with a degree in mathematics. A member of the honors program, Steven was also a member of the robotics team. He is currently working towards his master’s degree in computer science at Fordham.

"I definitely think that the core has benefitted me. And going out and comparing myself as a science major to other science majors, I see an ability to read and write and communicate that I don’t always see in other students."

David Hartnett
David Hartnett, a native of Pittsburgh, graduated from FCRH in 2011. A biology major and chemistry minor on the pre-med track, David was also a member of Fordham EMS, where he was chief his junior and senior years. David worked for Habitat for Humanity following graduation, and is currently attending medical school at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

" There were so many people here that I was just able to connect with and the quality of my peers was very high. Fordham really was a place where I was able to fit in and enjoy being…the commitment of all the people here, to the university, to service, and the community and around was just very important to me and it was a lot of fun."

Gregory Russo
Gregory Russo, FCRH 2011, was one of the first students to graduate with a major in environmental science. Greg conducted research at the Bronx Botanical Garden and at the Calder Center in Westchester, and has presented at five research conferences. Greg is currently attending graduate school at the SUNY School of Environmental Science and Forestry.

"I’ve just gotten so much great experience in so many different fields doing the research that I’ve done and because of that in really only two years, because that’s how long I’ve been doing research, two- two and a half years, I’ve built up a really impressive resume compared to some other people coming out in the rest of my class. Fordham has been really valuable and has really helped me out and given me a lot of great stuff to take away."

Christine Schwall 
Christine Schwall is a 2009 graduate of FCRH, majoring in biology with minors in chemistry and sociology. Christine conducted research on nanoparticles both at Fordham and in Germany after receiving a DAAD-RISE scholarship. A Clare Booth Luce Scholar and the valedictorian of the Class of 2009, after graduation Christine will pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Connecticut.

"Being able to travel to Germany the summer between Junior and Senior year was an amazing experience. Not only was it a phenomenal life experience in which I was able to work on a research project with a German PhD student, but I was immersed in an entirely new culture. Further, the process it took to apply and then to prepare to leave revealed the truly caring nature of many of the faculty and staff here at Fordham University. The Dean’s office, the Fellowship Office, and countless others supported me, wrote recommendations, and offered financial assistance to make the experience possible."
Marc Tambini 
Marc Tambini graduated from FCRH in 2008. A biology major and member of the Honors Program, Marc spent his summers conducting research at NYU and in Germany. Marc is currently enrolled in a MD/PhD program at Columbia University where he’s studying medicine and molecular biology.

"My favorite extracurricular activity didn't really materialize under the umbrella of a group or organization. I really just enjoyed the company of my friends. Being in the Honors program afforded us the opportunity to go on subsidized trips to the opera and to tea, but more often we would just have impromptu outings to restaurants, museums, movies, etc. It was such a blessing to be around people who are interested in and major in different things than I was."

Julianne Troiano
Julianne Troiano graduated from FCRH in 2011 with a degree in chemistry. A native of Long Island, Julianne conducted copious research and was a recipient of the Clare Booth Luce Scholarship for women in science. A member of the Fordham dance and cheerleading teams, Julianne ispursuing her PhD in chemistry at Northwestern University.

"Chemistry made my experience here absolutely amazing. I love the majority of the classes. I feel like I’m well prepared for graduate school. I got to do a lot of research especially because of my mentor, Dr. Friedrich. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to go to conferences and do research over the years, and have had the opportunity to visit national labs."

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