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Open to all freshmen and sophomore students without obligation. Two and three year scholarships of up to $17,000 per year are available to qualified Basic Course students, who then incur a mandatory service obligation. All Classroom instruction is supplemented with practical exercises, which place cadets in positions of progressively increasing responsibility.

MSBU 1101- Introduction to Leadership and Management I (0 credit)
This is an introductory course open to all students without obligation. It focuses on the military as a profession and examines its organization, ethics and values. The course explores the responsibilities and impact of leadership and the rules, customs and traditions of military service. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of land navigation, physical fitness, drill and ceremonies, first aid and public speaking.

MSBU 1201- Basic Leadership and Management II (0 credit)
Open to all students without obligation. The course explores leadership principles, decision-making and team building. Students are introduced to tactical systems and the field environment. Students learn advanced techniques in land navigation, terrain association, and first aid. Students also begin their program in professional military reading.

MSBU 2101 - Basic Leadership Development I (0 credit)
Open to all students without obligation. The course continues the basic leader development process and focuses on applying the fundamentals of leadership and team-building skills. Students gain an understanding of small team dynamics and the roles and responsibilities of junior leaders. It further reinforces the ideals of service, ethics and values, and develops students' confidence in their own skills, knowledge and attributes.

MSBU 2201 - Basic Leadership Development II (3 credits or 0 credit)
Open to all students without obligation. The course continues the application of leadership and team-building principles. Proficiency in individual skills and leadership abilities is assessed during situational training to evaluate students in leadership roles. Advanced techniques in problem analysis,, planning and organizing, delegation, interpersonal skills, sound decision making, and small team operations are emphasized.

MSBU 1001 - Leadership Laboratory I (0 credit)
MSBU 2001 - Leadership Laboratory II (0 credit)
Provides practical experience within the setting of a military organization to develop discipline and team work. The course provides opportunities to apply learned leadership principles and to plan, instruct and practice military skills such as drill and ceremonies, marksmanship, communications and physical fitness. Students in the Basic Course are organized into squads and platoons under the supervision of Advanced Course cadets. Senior cadets are responsible for basic course training and logistics. and function as officers within the cadet battalion. Cadets who will attend ROTC National Advanced Leadership Camp are provided with an intensive program of military and leadership skills enhancement and assessment under cadre direction.

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