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Economic Guidelines

Economic Guidelines

Economic guidelines mandated by the New York State Education Department are set up, as indicated below, according to the number of people in the household.. Please consult the Financial Aid Office or HEOP concerning any clarifications needed on the guidelines. An example from the 2013-14 guideline is: A student from a two-parent family of four would be eligible under the income guideline if the total income during the 2012 calendar year is less than $43,568. Money earned by a student is not included in this guideline unless the student supports or helps support the household

2013 - 2014 Economic Guidelines
Number of members in household
(including head of household)
Total income in the calendar year 2012 cannot exceed
1 $21,257
2 $28,694
3 $36,131
4 $43,568
5 $51,005
6 $58,442
7 or more $65,879 plus $7,437 or
each member in excess of 7

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