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The HEOP programs of the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses provide supportive services to all incoming prefreshmen and continuing students enrolled in the program. The supportive services offered include a prefreshman summer program; tutorial services; academic advisement; career, personal, and financial aid counseling; developmental reading; and selected workshops in various academic and non-academic areas.

The HEOP prefreshman summer program provides an academic and social orientation for incoming students. Students are helped in the transition from high school to college through an academic program that strengthens skills in English, Mathematics, and other academic areas. The orientation of students to the University campuses and college life is made easier through early on-site experience, the counseling provided to students, and the social interaction with program students.

The prefreshman program is a one-time mandatory summer program. Students receive financial assistance through the period of participation in the prefreshman summer program. Students who continue their matriculation at the university pursue a variety of liberal arts and business majors offered in the undergraduate colleges. HEOP students take all required courses, as do all other regularly enrolled students. All HEOP students continue to receive the program's supportive services, such as academic advisement, tutorials and supplemental financial assistance, throughout their undergraduate careers.

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