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Fordham University's Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program is an undergraduate scholars program designed to prepare minority and economically disadvantaged students for careers in scientific, technical, health-related and licensed professions.  The program, which is part of a statewide effort to address the issue of minority under-representation in the professions listed below, emphasizes  academic preparation and achievement, and career awareness.  Fordham's program is one of 45 that exist on college campuses throughout New York State.

CSTEP provides students with a unique college experience that combines academic services and activities with a variety of networking and career-advancement opportunities.  Participants share invaluable social interaction and congenial support with fellow students who are among Fordham University's best and brightest scholars.

The Fordham University CSTEP program is open to undergraduate students from both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses.  Students are encouraged to apply during their first year but may do so at any point during their college career.  Once accepted, students are expected to participate in academic and career activities, and maintain academic excellence.

CSTEP helps prepare students for the following careers:

Allied Health Professions



Chiropractic Medicine
Computer Science





Physical and Natural




Social Work

Veterinary Medicine

Programs and Support Services

Paid Internships and Research Opportunities:
Academic-year and summer internships, as well as research assistantships, are geared toward providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to the professions and fields of their interest.  CSTEP provides stipends for student interns.

Scholarships for Test Preparation Courses:
CSTEP offers scholarships to assist students enrolling in MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE preparation courses.

Financial Aid for Graduate Applications:
Financial assistance is provided to CSTEP seniors for graduate and professional school applications.

Academic and Career Counseling:
Participants benefit from regular career and academic guidance.

Free Tutorials:
CSTEP offers participants academic tutorials in a variety of subjects.

Career Seminars, Speakers and Networking Opportunities:
CSTEP  arranges monthly career-development events to educate students about the opportunities and prerequisites necessary to enter CSTEP-targeted fields.  Students are put in touch with professionals employed in these areas.

Writing Skills and Study Skills Workshops and Tutorials:
Provided to assist students in reinforcing their writing, time-management and study skills.

Computer Lab and Laptop Loaners:
On-site computer lab and loans of  laptop computers are available to CSTEP students.

Support Classes for Introductory Biology and Chemistry Courses:
Support classes in biology and chemistry are provided to strengthen science skills and assist in achieving academic excellence.


*Applicants must meet the minimum 12-month New Your State residency requirement.

*CSTEP encourages matriculated minority students -- who have been historically underrepresented in the scientific, technical and health professions-- to apply for admission into the program.  The State of New York has identified African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans and Alaskan Natives as members of such groups.

*Matriculated, economically, disadvantaged students are also eligible to apply for entry into the program.  The State of New York has established income requirements for students who seek admission to CSTEP on the basis of economic factors. The following table lists gross family income limits for applicants who are not members of the above underrepresented minority groups.

No. In Household      Total Annual Income
8                              9
$44,200   $48,250
If there are more than nine people in a household, add $3,900 to $46,650
for each additional family member.

Income verification (Tax Records) must accompany applications based on economic eligibility

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