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Frequently Asked Questions

At what grade level can my child enter the STEP Program at Fordham University?
During the Academic Year STEP accepts students in grades 7-12.  During the summer STEP accepts students in grades 8-12.

Is there a fee for the program?
Yes.  During the Academic Year the fee is $120.00 per semester.  During the summer the fee is $300.00.

Does STEP provide transportation for its participants?
No.  Students in STEP must have reliable transportation to and from the program.

Where does the program take place?
The Fordham STEP program takes place at the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx.  There are currently no activities held at the Lincoln Center campus.

Is homework given?
The STEP Program at Fordham University is an academic enrichment program.  Students are given exams, research projects and assignments to complete at home.  Students also receive grades based on their performance in the STEP Program.

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