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The Westchester Campus Fordham University Security staff is responsible for safety and control of the campus.  IDENTIFICATION: All students must present their current Fordham-issued Identification Card upon entering the building.

This building is a SMOKE FREE building in all public areas, including the courtyard. Smoking and tobacco chewing is prohibited in any elevator, lobby, stairwell or restroom at all times. Smoking must be outside and away from all building entrances at the distance dictated by the state law.

Only official University business may be conducted in the building and on the property. Solicitation of any kind is strictly forbidden. All hallways, stairways and exits shall remain free and unobstructed at all times. No signs, directories, posters, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any of the windows or doors, or in corridors or other parts of common areas of the building, except in such color, size and style, and in such places, as shall be deemed appropriate by the Executive Director of Academic Programs.

No firearms, gasoline operated devices and/or storage of flammable substances shall be permitted within the building premises. Any activity producing excessive noise or odor is prohibited.

No food and/or beverages shall be distributed commercially from the premises, except in connection with the operation of the café and the vending machines installed for the exclusive use of students, University employees and purposeful campus visitors.

No animals shall be brought or kept in or about the building, with the exception of recognized and approved Service animals.

Please note:
Comprehensive University policies, rules and regulations, published in University handbooks and/or online, also apply to students attending the Westchester campus. Please refer to the University website for additional information.

Fordham University reserves the right to amend this document and make other and further rules and regulations as in its judgment shall from time to time be necessary or advisable for the operation of the building, property, and the campus.


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