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Parking Guidelines



For 2014-2015, Fordham Westchester will use a parking Hangtag for its students, faculty, and staff. 

When applying for the Westchester Campus Parking Hangtag, all new and returning students, faculty and staff must complete a "Parking Permit Application" form online on  The parking pass for Westchester is a hanging tag that must be visibly displayed in the vehicle at all times while parked in the Westchester parking lot.  All new and returning students, faculty and staff must present their Fordham ID along with the receipt of online purchase. 

Fordham passes will be available at the Westchester Security Office (Room 143).  The Security Office will issue a Fordham parking hangtag, which is to be placed ONLY on the rear view mirror.  If a vehicle does not have a Fordham pass affixed, the vehicle WILL NOT be permitted to make use of the parking facilities.  Students/faculty assigned to our WEstchester campus may park at Rose Hill to use the Walsh Family Library at no additonal cost and must have the hangtag visible when entering the Rose Hill campus and while parked in the garage.

Campus parking cannot be guaranteed and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Fees for the 2014-2015 year are $140.00.  Replacement hangtags are $30.00; decal loss must be reported to Security.

The Westchester Campus Fordham University Security staff is responsible for safety and control of Campus traffic. Kindly comply with all traffic signs and the directives of the security supervisor on duty.  To contact the Security Office, please call (914) 367-3001 or Room 143.

The University is not liable for personal injury, damage to vehicles, vandalism, or theft of a vehicle or its contents. Lock all valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk of the car, and lock all car doors. There is no university insurance coverage for any of the aforementioned hazards.

To use the parking facilities, except as a visitor, a vehicle must be registered and parking fees must be paid. The full fee must be paid regardless of the month that the vehicle is registered.

The decal will be issued after compliance with the requirements listed above. If a vehicle does not have a decal affixed, the vehicle WILL NOT be permitted to make use of the parking facilities. Students/Faculty assigned to our Westchester Campus may park at Rose Hill to use the Walsh Family Library at no additional charge.

Parking is restricted to the decal on the car and in accordance with the regulations pertaining to that classification.

  • Maximum speed limit on Campus is 15 m.p.h.
  • In all parking lots, cars must be parked between stall lines.
  • A decal must be hung to the back of the rear view mirror so that it is visible from a distance.
  • Parking at all times is restricted exclusively to the parking slots.
  • No parking is permitted on campus sidewalks.
  • No motorcycles, mopeds, mini bikes, bicycles or skateboarding are permitted on campus roads or paths.


  • Any vehicle blocking fire or access lanes will be towed without any warning.
  • Any vehicle not displaying a proper Westchester Campus Fordham University decal will be presumed to not have authorization to park and will be towed without any warning.
  • Any vehicle parked in fire zone, restricted area, restricted space, on campus sidewalks or obstructing building entrances/exits will be towed without any warning.
  • Towing is performed by a private company and the vehicle owner must pay the towing company for the cost of the vehicle removal PLUS storage charges for autos left past tow date.

NOTE: Speeding or reckless driving will result in action against operator/owner of vehicle and may result in exclusion of vehicle from campus. The decal is removed from vehicle when it has been excluded from campus.  A replacement fee will be charged at the end of the imposed penalty period, to obtain another decal.









and Students



Decal loss must be officially reported to Security or Law Enforcement

Vehicles parked in violation will be towed at owner's expense

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