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Applying to Rose Hill or Lincoln Center

Freshman Applicant Deadlines:
Early Action (non-binding) -  November 8, 2013
Priority Performance* - November 8, 2013
Regular Decision - January 1, 2014
Attention Early Action Applicants:

Admission Decisions will be available by December 13th on the Online Applicant Portal.  If you have not already done so, please establish your account.  We will send you an email informing you when your decision is available. 

Please Note: Admission Decisions will be delivered via online only.  Admitted students living in the United States will also receive additional information via mail after December 13th.
Common Application (On-Line Version)
Arrow Common Application
Common Application (Technical Assistance)

Arrow Dear Applicants and Counselors,

Thank you for your interest in Fordham University and for your patience with the difficulties Common Application users are encountering in the admission process across the country.  Please be assured that applications filed through the Common Application will be acknowledged by Fordham as soon as we receive the data from the Common Application Organization. Their challenges putting a new system in place have caused delays in sending data to universities but that should not be a cause of concern.  Delays will not have any negative impact on the consideration of applications received.

As soon as we receive data from the Common Application we will send an email confirmation to applicants along with directions to access the Student Applicant Portal which enables tracking of application status. If you have any application related questions please do not hesitate to email us at

Again thank you for your patience and your interest in Fordham. 

If you have questions about filing the new Common Application, please use the site's Help Center.  If you have a question specific to Fordham, email us at

Transfer Student Application Link
Arrow Common Application
Visiting Student Application
Arrow Visiting Student Application (PDF)

Students who are visiting the University while matriculated at another school should complete the attached PDF. Please complete the required fields, print the form and mail it to: 

Fordham University
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Duane Library
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458

Readmit Student Application
Arrow Readmit Student Application (PDF)

Students seeking readmission to Fordham University should complete the attached PDF and submit it to the appropriate college Dean's office. Requests for readmission will be processed by the Deans' offices.

Gabelli School of Business
GSB Dean's Office
Faber Hall, Room 359
(718) 817-4100

Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Office of Academic Advising
Lowenstein Center, Room 804
(212) 636-6350

Fordham College at Rose Hill
FCRH Dean's Office
Keating Hall, Room 302
(718) 817-4700

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