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Use the links on the left to find your way to Fordham's Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campuses - whether you come by car, subway, bus, or train. 

The Admission Office is on the second floor of the Duane Library at Rose Hill or in Room 203 in the Lowenstein Building at Lincoln Center.

Notes on getting to Rose Hill:  If you plug in Fordham's mailing address for our Bronx campus, GPS will bring you to a non-vehicular entrance.  And so, be sure to look at our GPS page, which has instructions on how to get to the main entrance and parking area.  If you'll be taking mass transit, you can get to Rose Hill by subway (walking from the two Fordham Road subway stations takes about 5 to 10 minutes). But, the best mass transit option is The Metro-North railroad, which can bring you from Grand Central (or the 125th St. station in Harlem) to the station directly adjacent to Fordham's entrance in about 20 minutes.

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