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Thank you for your interest in bringing a group to Fordham University. We look forward to the possibility of hosting you and hope that your students will have a meaningful visit to Fordham.
Group Tour Requests

Please note: All fall group tour slots are full.  Spring visit options will be posted some time in December, following a similar pattern of the fall options described below.

                                              Group Tour Guidelines

         Size: The minimum size for a group tour is 10 students and the maximum size 
                         is 30
students. Fordham requires one chaperone for every ten 

Fordham has required student participants to be at least freshmen in high
                         school. We are now accepting requests from college access groups and
                         high school students.

         Time:  Rose Hill:
                    Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am and 12pm

                    Lincoln Center:
Monday & Wednesday at 2:30pm and Tuesday & Thursday at 11:45am

*Fall tours will begin on Monday, September 22nd and end on Thursday, November 20th.

**Please note: No tours will take place on Tuesdays (RH) or Fridays, nor the following dates due to University Holidays:

         Columbus Day: October 13th
         Mid Terms:       October 14th-23rd
To request a tour, please fill out our online request form by clicking on your campus of interest:

Rose Hill
Lincoln Center

Should you need additional assistance, please email our group tour coordinators:

      Rose Hill, contact: Nerisa Arias,
      Lincoln Center, contact: Ike Uche,

In your email, please include the following information: 

      - Name of organization or school
      - Preferred tour date and time
      - Number of students and age of group
      - Group contact with mobile number and email

All requests must be received at least three weeks prior to the expected visit date. A request does not guarantee a tour. You will be contacted to confirm a date and time.


•    From where do tours depart?
At Rose Hill, the tours will depart from Duane Library 2nd floor, where the Office of Undergraduate Admission is located.
At Lincoln Center, tours will depart from the 2nd floor of the Lowenstein Building, where the Office of Undergraduate Admission is located.

•    How long do tours typically last?
Tours typically last forty-five minutes to one hour. Visitors will have an opportunity to walk through academic buildings, the student center, library, fitness center, while learning about services offered to students both current and prospective. You will have the chance to learn about historical facts and stories from our very own students!

•    Does Fordham provide lunch and/or transportation as part of the experience?
Fordham does not provide lunch or transportation as part of the visit experience; however, we have several dining options both on and off campus from which you can choose to purchase food on your own. If you choose to bring lunch to eat on campus, you may utilize unused, public, outdoor space for your group; however we are unable to secure a reservation space for the group.

We have many ways in which you can access our two campus locations. When traveling to Rose Hill, you can travel via the Metro-North Harlem line and disembark at the Fordham Road stop. You can also access the campus via the B,D, and 4 subway lines or via a variety of city buses. When traveling to Lincoln Center, you can travel the subway and disembark at the 59th Street & Columbus Circle stop.

•    Does Fordham provide an information session as part of the tour?
We do not offer a standard information session as part of the group tour experience. Our student ambassadors who lead the tour are very knowledgeable and involved in the Fordham community and are happy to answer any questions during your tour. If there is a question you would prefer to ask an admission officer, you may come back to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and ask to speak with an admission representative. If an individual student is interested in attending an information session on a different day than your group tour, please see that option on our website under
Visits & Campuses and have the student register accordingly.

•    How do I keep in contact with Fordham after my visit?
We will ask you to fill out an inquiry card before you go out on your tour, which will give you an opportunity to submit your name, email address, and mailing address so we may keep in contact with you and let you know what’s going on at Fordham. During your visit, you may also ask the receptionist for your admission counselor’s business card. Each counselor is assigned a territory so feel free to ask who your territory manager is during your visit.


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