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Getting to Fordham

There are two places for you to visit -- our Rose Hill campus in the Bronx and our Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan -- and you have four visit options at each campus, depending on the time of the year.

Led by our volunteer student tour guides, you'll see the entire campus - including our classrooms, cafeterias and residence halls. Tours are offered most weekdays, September through April and mid-June through August. 

INFORMATION SESSIONS.  At certain times of the year and preceding a campus tour, we offer a 30-minute presentation that provides a general overview of Fordham as well as audience-specific content.

 In addition to learning about Fordham's overall program and getting a campus tour, these half-day visit events feature special panels or presentations. Offered on Wednesdays in July and August and on select days in the spring, we provide targeted information for prospective or admitted students.

 These are the big events, with the most options for interaction with Fordham community members. From academic presentations to activity fairs, student or administrator panels to the always-popular welcome address by Fordham's president, our open houses in October, November and April are exciting days to visit.

Visiting Both Campuses
Most tours, information sessions, visit days and open houses are at alternating times or different days, so you have the opportunity to experience both our campuses. To visit both, register online twice - once at each campus. Then, you can drive or take mass transit to each campus or take the Ram Van (our intercampus shuttle) between them.

Interviews and Overnights
While we're very interested in you as an individual -- your specific achievements, abilities and goals -- we no longer have the ability to conduct individual admission interviews. Instead, when we evaluate you for admission, we rely on the details you provide in your application. If you visit campus, you'll have a chance to ask an admission counselor or tour guide your questions. Also due to to demand, we aren't able to offer overnight on-campus visits. If you know a Fordham student, reach out and see if they would host you.

If We're Closed
We strongly encourage you to visit when the students are here and when a tour guide can show you around -- it's the best use of your time and the most realistic view of campus. But, if you cannot visit when tours are available, you can still come to campus and tell the guard at the gate that you're a visitor. They'll direct you to our office, where you can pick up a self-guided tour booklet. Or, you can walk around campus on your own. To get a preview of our campuses right now: check out our virtual tour.

Before and After Your Visit
If Fordham is your school, New York City is your campus. In addition to taking a tour of Fordham, take some time to be a tourist. We can offer recommendations -- from getting lunch on Arthur Avenue (the original Little Italy), to walking through Central Park, from seeing the magnificent New York Botanical Garden to seeing a play next door to Fordham at Lincoln Center. Also, if you get to campus early, feel free to walk around before coming up to our office. Talk to some students. Preview our facilities. Think of some questions to ask your tour guide or counselor.

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