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Campus Maps and Directions
    Rose Hill: 

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Campus Map

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  Lincoln Center:

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Campus Map 
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Ram Van | website (Intercampus Transportation)

Passes will be available for anyone interested in using the intercampus RAM VAN transportation service at anytime during the conference.  

For more information or passess please contact Shannon Ortiz by phone at (917) 335-5472 or by email at  Passes will be available before or during the conference.
Directions to:
Rose Hill Campus
Driving | MetroNorth |  PlaneSubway & Bus | Ram Van
Lincoln Center Campus
 | Plane Subway & BusRam Van  

Parking Facilities:

Parking is available at both campuses.  At the Rose Hill there is an indoor five level parking facility.  At Lincoln Center
parking is available at several private locations with preferential rates.

Rose Hill and Lincoln Center Campus Parking

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