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Alpha Haque:
2009 Legacy Fund Recipient

Legacy Fund Recipients

Dear Marymount Alumnae Association,

I would like to thank you for awarding me the Marymount Legacy Fund scholarship for the 2009–2010 school year. Through your financial contribution and your continued interest in my success, you have been a great source of support in ensuring that I graduate.

I was able to see firsthand the generosity and the sense of community that is part of the Association at last year's tea in Butler Hall. Alumnae came together to celebrate a tradition of female-centered education that I remember keenly during my freshman year at Marymount.

After graduating from Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, where I currently live, I set off for Tarrytown, not knowing what to expect from a private all-girls college. I had never before attended private school, or a school that wasn't co-ed. Plus, I was the first person in my family to go away for college. But I decided to try something different, and different is what I got. Looking back now, I remember the first day at orientation and the freshman angst that most of us girls experienced there—a sense of dread, not knowing what lay ahead and a sense of nostalgia for all things that were now part of the past. While those feelings would not disappear right away, they were soon replaced with feelings of hope for our future careers and camaraderie with floor mates. I mention all of these things because finding out that I was the recipient of the scholarship reminded me of how unique and special it was being at Marymount, even if only a short time.

Now as a senior at Fordham, at the Lincoln Center campus, I juggle full-time work and school while commuting and sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day! However, I am glad that I am working toward a degree in psychology and sociology, which I will have completed this spring, and I'm in the process of applying to graduate school. I hope one day to work in the field of clinical psychology. With the aid of the Legacy Fund, I have been able to boost my grades and pay off my tuition and loans a little faster, which I have been doing since freshman year.

I hope that the next recipient of the Legacy Fund scholarship can experience all the benefits that I have received and can carry away a responsibility to female empowerment and higher education, which the Association seeks to promote.

I can truly appreciate the efforts of the Alumnae Association and the generous donors who continue to help students like myself, even after the doors of Marymount have closed to students. While some things may have changed over the years, the spirit of the Marymount women has not, and the concerted effort of the Alumnae Association will result in a new generation of women in the professional world who have in some way been touched by its kindness and determination. Thanks again for everything you have done.

Alpha Haque, FCLC '10

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