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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Concerns

How can I obtain a copy of my Fordham transcripts?
Please visit or contact the Registrar's Office at (718) 817-3901 (Rose Hill) or (212) 636-6735 (Lincoln Center).

If I want to audit a class, who do I contact and how much does it cost?
Prices differ among schools and classes. Alumni must contact the dean of the school in which they are interested in taking a class. For a list of schools please visit

How does someone get an honorary degree?
Forms are circulated throughout the University for nominations. A committee reviews these nominations and chooses five people to receive an honorary degree. If you would like to nominate an honorary degree candidate, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at:

How can I volunteer to interview Fordham applicants in my area?
Contact the admissions office at (718) 817-4000 (Rose Hill) or (212) 636-6710 (Lincoln Center).

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Contacting Fellow Alumni

How do I get in touch with fellow Fordham alumni?
Stay connected to Fordham and other alumni through Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube and LinkedIn.

How can I submit a class note?
Send all correspondence to Fordham magazine editor Ryan Stellabotte at:

Class notes are printed quarterly in FORDHAM magazine.

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Services for Alumni

How can I obtain a Fordham Alumni Card (RamPass)?
Visit to apply online. You may also call the Office of Alumni Relations at (212) 636-6520 or e-mail us at

Does Fordham offer Internet access? E-mail accounts? E-mail forwarding?

Currently Fordham does not offer Internet access, email accounts or e-mail forwarding to alumni. We are working on the development of a system that will preserve privacy while providing these often-requested services.

Does Fordham offer insurance to alumni?
Fordham offers life insurance through Reliastar, major medical insurance through Alber H. Wohlers & Co and auto, home and renter's insurance through Liberty Mutual. Please visit for more information.

Can alumni park at the Rose Hill Campus?
Yes. Parking is $10 per day, a booklet of 20 parking passes is $120, and an unlimited parking pass is $400 beginning is September and pro-rated after that (valid from September to August). For more information please contact Kathy Mazzei at (718) 817-4075.

How can I use/join the Rose Hill Gym?

There is a fee to use the Rose Hill gym of $8 per day or $375 per year. This fee includes access to the pool and is subject to change.

Our group is having an event. How can we reserve a conference room or class room on campus?
Please call Conference Services at (212) 636-7900 (Lincoln Center) and (718) 817-4340 (Rose Hill).

Can I have my wedding at the University Church?
Fordham University is pleased to offer current faculty, staff, students and alumni the use of the University Church for Catholic sacramental marriages. The Office of Campus Ministry provides scheduling, music coordination, and guidance in completing the necessary paperwork required by the Archdiocese of New York and Our Lady of Mercy Church, the parish to which Fordham belongs. Weddings at Fordham are staffed by trained student wedding coordinators and a sacristan for the day of the wedding and for the rehearsal.

Weddings at the Fordham University Church are scheduled through the secretary and/or wedding coordinator within the Campus Ministry office. Please note that the availability of the church is subject to the University's calendar, its closures, and special events. Most weddings are scheduled a year in advance, but dates are often available with shorter notice as well. The Campus Ministry staff will be happy to help you determine the best date and time for your special day.

Click here for more information and to book a date or call the Campus Ministry Office at (718) 817-4500.

Can I have my wedding photos taken at the Rose Hill Campus?
For more information on using the Rose Hill campus for wedding photography please contact Deborah O'Grady (718) 817-3840 or

As an alumnus/a, may I use the Fordham library system?
Yes. However, alumni borrowing privileges at the Quinn and Walsh libraries require that a $100 annual fee be paid at the circulation desk. However, reading privileges are free for alumni with a RamPass I.D. card (complimentary I.D. card provided by the Office of Alumni Relations).

The Law library does not loan out books to individual alumni but if an alumnus/a belongs to a law firm he/she may submit a request on their firm's letterhead to the Law library.

For further information about the Quinn library call (212) 636-7400.
For further information about the Walsh library call (718) 817-3595.
For further information about the Law library call (212) 636-6900.

Can alumni access the online library from home or work?
Not at this time, however you can use the online library at the University libraries.

How do I order Fordham apparel?
Please visit our online store at or you can call the bookstores directly at (212) 636-6080 for Lincoln Center, (718) 817-3400 for Rose Hill or (914) 631-8308

Can I get another copy of my yearbook?
Contact the Maroon Office at (718) 817-4369 to determine if a yearbook is available for your year (they go back as far as the 1960s). Cost varies depending on the year of the book.

Copies of old Lincoln Center yearbooks (Ram Pages) are no longer available. If you have any further questions please contact the Student Activities Office at (212) 636-6250.

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Fordham Events

How can I find Fordham alumni events in my area?
Browse our events calendar online at

There are also regional chapters in many locations throughout the United States (and several international chapters). For more information please visit You may also contact Sara Hunt at (212) 636-6523 or

How can I obtain a gallery schedule for or host an art exhibition at the Fordham art galleries?
Please call Joe Lawton at (212) 636-6072.

I would like to attend/buy tickets to a campus play. Where can I get tickets?

For ticket and show information please contact the box office at (212) 636-6340.

How do I buy tickets to a Fordham game?
Please call the Athletics office at (718) 817-4300.

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Keeping in Touch with Fordham

When is my next reunion?
Jubilee 2014 (Rose Hill and Marymount) will be held May 30 – June 1, 2014. For more information on this year's Jubilee, visit or call the Office of Alumni Relations at (212) 636-6520.

NOTE: Jubilee is every five years according to class year.

For more information on this year’s Lincoln Center reunion, visit the website at

I would like to attend Jubilee this year, but it is a year before or after my Jubilee year. Can I still attend?
Please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (212) 636-6520.

How can I make a donation to Fordham?
Please visit or call (212) 636-6550.

How do I inform Fordham that my address has changed?
Update information online at, call the Office of Alumni Relations at (212) 636-6520, or (800) 314-ALUM(2586) or e-mail us at

How do I inform Fordham that my name has changed?
Same as above.

How can I submit an alumni note for publication in FORDHAM magazine?
Please write to the editor of FORDHAM magazine at or FORDHAM magazine, 888 Seventh Avenue, 7th floor, New York, NY 10019.

Does FORDHAM magazine accept submissions?
Yes. We are always looking for fresh story ideas for FORDHAM magazine and the monthly alumni e-newsletter. Writers who wish to contribute to the magazine or the e-newsletter should contact the editor at or FORDHAM magazine, 888 Seventh Avenue, 7th floor, New York, NY 10019.

How do I inform the University of a former classmate's passing?
Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 314-ALUM or . You may also mail a copy of the obituary to:

Office of Alumni Relations
888 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10019.

The names of recently deceased alumni and other members of the Fordham family are published quarterly in the In Memoriam section of FORDHAM magazine. And every November, the Office of Alumni Relations organizes a special Memorial Mass at the Blessed Rupert Mayer, S.J., Chapel on the Lincoln Center campus to remember deceased alumni and other members of the Fordham family.

I'm doing a family tree. Do you have information on my great-grandparent who went to Fordham?
For old photos or yearbook photos, please contact Patrice Kane in the University Archives at (718) 817-3560.

For student records, please contact the Registrars office at (212) 636-6735 (Lincoln Center) or, (718) 817-3901 (Rose Hill).

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