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Balfour – Class Rings

Balfour College Division
7211 Circle S Road
Austin, TX  78745
Phone: 1 (866) 225-3687/Ext. 7930

Lady Legend design, and is available with either a 14k or 10k Gold Band at the following prices:

Cut Glass Stone w/14k Gold Band  * $ 680
Cut Glass Stone w/10k Gold Band  * $ 540

Shipping Charges: Standard shipping at $14.95/order will be applied at the time the order is shipped (Regardless of Ship-To location).

Taxes: Any sales tax, if applicable would be based on location to which the item is being shipped.

**Order Process: For orders, contact BALFOUR directly at 1 (866) 225-3687.

Turnaround time: Allow approximately 4-6 weeks from placement of order to delivery.

 * Price quoted for Lady Legend on Balfour’s website is $279. Please note that the website indicates that this is a “starting” price for this item. This pricing also applies to the classic Marymount blue glass ring with either a 10k or 14k gold band.



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