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Marymount Alumnae Directory FAQs
This publication is a comprehensive directory of all Marymount alumnae from around the world allowing Marymount alumnae to more easily connect with each other for social, business, and personal reasons. Alumnae can also share short stories and pictures to catch everyone up on what is new and exciting in their respective lives since graduating from Marymount College.
Fordham typically undertakes this project every five years or so (the last directory was published in 2007) to ensure that Marymount alumnae have an up-to-date and comprehensive resource at their disposal. Also, in the course of the research related to the project, we are likely to gather and update thousands of pieces of alumnae biographical data. This means that both the quality and quantity of Marymount data will be significantly improved.
On behalf of the Marymount Alumnae Association, Fordham is partnering with Harris Connect — an industry leader in the alumni directory business.
No, your information will only be available to other alumni and staff of Fordham.
You will be contacted via e-mails and postcards commencing in January 2014. The e-mails and postcards will direct you to call a toll-free number at which time you will be asked to confirm information for your listing in the directory. During the call you also will be given the opportunity to purchase a copy of the directory. In the final phase of data collection and verification, Harris Connect will make a limited number of outbound calls to supplement the data update process. Furthermore, Harris may also use additional e-mail communication to those alumnae who have already responded to provide you with a final chance to purchase the directory.
If you would like to update your information, purchase a copy of the directory, or stop receiving outreach concerning this project, please call Harris Connect directly on a dedicated Marymount/Fordham line at 1-800-736-7785. Should you have any additional questions or concerns after speaking with a Harris representative, please send an e-mail to
There is no cost for you to be included in the directory. Just a few minutes on the phone will ensure that the Marymount Alumnae Association and Fordham University has your most up-to-date information on file.
We will honor all requests for complete or partial suppression of your listing. Even if you choose not to be listed, please do take a few minutes to confirm/update your information.
You have a number of options including a hardbound book, a softbound book, and a CD which the Harris Connect representative will explain to you over the phone.
Both the books and the CD will contain exactly the same information. The CD, however, allows you to more easily and quickly search on any number of criteria — i.e. name, year, state, career, etc. Also, the CD allows you to e-mail alumnae directly from their listing.
You can pay by major credit card, debit card, or via check-by-phone. If you pay by credit/debit card, most statements will read "HC Fordham University". On an American Express statement, the charge will appear as "Harris Connect Fordham University". Also, Harris Connect offers installment payment plans, allowing you to pay a portion upfront and the balance on an extended payment plan.
All books and CDs are printed to order with a very small allowance for overruns. Any additional inventory will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
Orders are scheduled to ship after July 1, 2014.
You may cancel your order by writing the word "cancel" on the invoice and returning it to Harris Connect. Or, you can call the Harris Connect Customer Service Department at 1-800-877-6554.
Yes, Fordham will receive a nominal amount of royalty revenue from Harris Connect. This revenue will be used to partially fund Marymount alumnae programs underwritten by Fordham University.
For more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 212-636-6520, or at
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