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Legacy Fund FAQ

Marymount Legacy Fund FAQ

1) How was the fund formed?
After surveying alumnae, the Marymount Alumnae Association Board unanimously voted to create the Marymount Legacy Fund (MLF) in honor of Marymount College's Centennial in 2007.

2) What is the purpose/mission??
The goal of the endowment fund is to preserve the Marymount name and tradition of excellence in helping to educate and shape women in the tradition of Mother Butler. The fund aims to honor and continue the mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary who founded Marymount in 1907.   

3) What are the criteria for receiving the Marymount Legacy Fund scholarship?
  • A female student who most embodies the Marymount spirit through learning and leadership
  • Family affiliation with any of the Marymount schools or colleges
  • Demonstration of financial need and academic merit
  • Full-time enrollment at Fordham University

4) How is the fund being managed and by whom?
The Fordham University endowment is managed in accordance with the financial policies established by the Fordham University Board of Trustees. All funds donated to the Marymount Legacy Fund will be invested accordingly and at all times remain for the benefit of the Marymount scholarship recipients.  

5) Who will make the final decision on scholarship recipient?
A Marymount Legacy Fund advisory committee has been established in partnership with Fordham to review candidates and make the award selection. To date, there have been four MLF recipients who have each received a $5,000 scholarship.

6) How do I contribute-will get a receipt?

Log onto Scroll to Annual Giving and Restricted fund and click the drop-down menu to select Marymount Legacy Fund and the amount you wish to contribute. Your gifts will go directly to the Marymount Legacy Fund. If you prefer to make a donation through traditional mail, please make checks payable to the Marymount Legacy Fund and send to: Fordham University, Development and University Relations, 888 Seventh Ave., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10019. If you work for a company that has a matching gifts program, please take advantage of this benefit to increase your contribution to the MLF.
7) What are the alternatives for contributing (cash/stock/will/other)?
The Marymount Legacy Fund can be named the beneficiary in deferred living plans, wills, living trusts and insurance policies. To discuss making a planned gift to the MLF, please contact: Justine Franklin, Director of Major Gifts, at (212) 636-7383 or  

8) How will I be kept informed of the progress of the fund?
There is a designated Marymount Legacy Fund website, which will include all recent developments including scholarships awards and updates on the MLF.

9) Can I volunteer to assist with fundraising and whom should I contact for further details?
All faculty and alumnae are encouraged to participate in MLF fundraising efforts, regional outreach events and signature annual events. For more specific details, please and feel free to contact Patricia Cole: or Justine Franklin:

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