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Board Minutes - Feb 2008

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Gloria Gaines Library Board Room, Tarrytown, NY
Saturday, 9 February 2008

In Attendance: Joyce Onorato Abamont, Rita Arno, Peggy Pospisil, Molly McAllister, Margaret Ellen Flannelly, RSHM, Patricia Cole, Kristine Welker, Margaret Watson, Sarah Phillips Sullivan, Elizabeth Pymm, Linda Purcell, Sheila Corrigan Ferruci, Jessica Kogan, Christine Hughes, Brigid Driscoll, RSHM, Pat Cotter

Regrets: Melissa McCoy-Garzione, Kathleen Polanowicz, Rena Charkalis, Young Yi Clinton, Renee Zobel

The meeting was opened at 10:15 AM with a prayer lead by Sr. Margaret Flannelly, Chaplain of the Alumnae Association, with specific mention of Melissa's stepfather.

President's Report:

Molly McAllister, Vice President, presided in Melissa's absence. Board welcomed 2 new members, Sarah Phillips Sullivan '97 and Elizabeth Pymm '07 – introductions made.

Discussion of the 100th Anniversary observance on December 8, 2007; Consensus was all events were well attended. Mass at Loyola was beautiful -representatives from Marymount schools around the world packed the church.

Discussion of the letter from Fordham announcing the sale of the campus to E.F. International Group. The group, which has had a presence on the campus for approximately 16 years, is a travel language/cultural program offering English classes in the US for visiting students as well as other languages at other worldwide locations. They are the official language trainers for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Daniel Coran, EF Director of Operations, has contacted both Melissa and Kristine. Melissa had lunch with Mr. Coran and spoke regarding the continued use of the campus for alumnae events, preservation of Marymount artifacts and the possibility of a contribution to the Legacy Fund. The specific date of the transfer from Fordham to EF has not been finalized.

Discussion of email delivery issues.

Discussion of the status of the Marymount Endowment which was transferred to Fordham in the consolidation agreement. Sr. Brigid confirmed that these funds continue to be distributed according to criteria set by the RSHM. Kristine will contact Fordham for information on the endowment scholarship recipients with a view towards a possible letter in the next newsletter advising alumnae accordingly.

Peggy Pospisil reiterated Fordham's position that Marymount Alumnae will always have
a home at Fordham.

The June 14, 2008 reunion will be on the Marymount campus. Not clear as to the location of future events including board meetings, etc.

Committee Reports:

Bylaws: Jessica Kogan is the interim Chair – her term expires this year so a new Chair is needed. Jessica will update the Board on Bylaw revisions at the next meeting after a discussion with Kathleen Polanowicz the former committee chair.

Legacy Fund: The Committee submitted a detailed written report including a chronology, highlights of the campaign and pertinent correspondence. The process of picking the first recipient and how the scholarship amount was determined was discussed.

The fund currently stands at $117,000.

Explanation of the role of the Committee as a liaison with Fordham. The University has an Advisory Panel for endowed scholarships, which must include the founding donor. The Legacy Fund has no single founding donor, therefore The Marymount Legacy Fund advisory Panel includes Patricia Cole and Kristine Welker as permanent members and the current Alumna Board President as a rotating member. There has been some thought to adding another rotating member such as chair of the Legacy Committee.

Discussion of future development –How do we reach out to continue to raise funds? The Committee asked for ideas for a signature event from the Board to be submitted by email.

Events: Discussion of taking advantage of Fordham opportunities and events.

Nominating Committee: Noted that 2 newest members are starting mid term.

Chaplain Report: Sr. Margaret Ellen reported that a blast email was generated listing upcoming events, which will also be listed in the newsletter. Sister also renewed her offer to help Alumna stay connected.

Archives: All items borrowed from the Archives for the Anniversary have been returned and filed by the Fordham library staff. We have been assured that the Archives will remain safely in the Fordham library. Further discussion needed about items still on campus—do they stay with EF or go to the Fordham Library?

The senior dinner will be on April 30 or May 1 all students still on campus will be invited

Meeting adjourned at 12:15

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