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Board Minutes - Feb 2011

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Tuesday, 8 February 2011
888 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.

In Person: Patricia A. Cole, Kathy Jowitt, Rita Arno, Jane Bartnett, Jennifer Doody Bauchner, Mary Donohue, Sister Mary Heyser, Angel Hinojosa, Elisa Lyew, Nicole Moore and Brianne Laurin
By Phone: Joyce Abamont, Molly Albrecht, Maria Conte-Benedict, Sarah Sullivan and Renee Zobel r

WELCOME (Patricia A. Cole, President)
Patricia welcomed the Board to the third meeting of the academic year indicating that it was a pleasure to have the ability to kick off a New Year with all kinds Board accomplishments to cover and new and exciting plans for the community for the year ahead. 
She confirmed that the Board is making headway on every front from reconnecting within the community, to growing the Legacy Fund and broadening our Fordham Partnership, all of which are considered key measures of the Association’s continued effectiveness and success.
Before proceeding to Committee specifics she reiterated her thanks for the Member’s help and dedication. “Again it’s not just the knowing or willing but the doing that makes the difference and enables everyone around the table to do what we are here to do—what we need to do—to continue to create and build a powerful legacy for our Marymount.”

OPENING PRAYER (Sister Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M.)
Sister Mary delivered an opening prayer written by Joyce Rapp, which beseeched the Holy Spirit to continue to bless the Association with strength and grace.

MINUTES (Kathy Jowitt, Secretary)
Kathy asked for formal approval of the Minutes of the November 2, 2010, Board Meeting. Mary Donohue made a motion to approve, and Jane Bartnett seconded the motion. The Minutes were approved.


REUNION 2011 (Joyce Abamont, Chair, Jennifer Doody Bauchner, Marian Polovy and Roxanne Russell) Brianne Laurin (Alumni Relations Office) stated the registration forms for Reunion 2011 will be mailed in mid-March/early April. The itinerary this year will include a class cocktail party for all classes ending in 1 and 6. Joyce mentioned that there was some discussion regarding a Friday evening cocktail party on campus last year, however, this did not occur given the lack of interest as well as the additional cost ($40/person). Brianne noted that the Saturday Package will be $200 and will include all events: lunch, pub party, cocktail party, gala and Sunday Brunch. Participants may also buy tickets per event.

The overall package price represents a savings of 25 percent. The price for the gala only will be $100, the same as last year. Joyce and the Board felt it would be good to offer a separate Marymount event on Friday evening. If there is ample registration, a separate area set up for Marymount alumnae would be possible but most likely a room would be shared with other Fordham classes. The event would offer cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres and would run from 6 to 8 p.m. Alumnae could then stay overnight on the Fordham campus, or at the Sheraton in Tarrytown (if desired). Joyce requested the names and contact information for those who expressed interest in a separate Marymount event to date.

The Awards Ceremony will be held again this year in Duane Hall at 4 p.m., and will include strawberries and champagne, as last year. A suggestion was made to have the seating arranged less formally—perhaps round tables instead of an auditorium/meeting set-up. Any additional ideas can be forwarded to Brianne by e-mail.

Finally, Joyce requested an updated list of Class Agents from Sarah and asked that we ensure that each Agent has access to their respective class lists for communication outreach. 1961 has begun to organize a fall event as well.

ALUMNAE RELATIONS UPDATE (Nicole Moore, Alumni Relations Officer)
Nicole reported on some of the events that the Office of Alumni Relations had sponsored during the November 2010 – February 2011 period as follows:
• Young Alumni Club: Inclusive of graduates of Fordham and Marymount over the past 10 years
• Social Justice: Organized by Liz Frederick, ’09, who ran the St. Paul’s Kitchen Program in November
• Alumni Service Trip to a Navajo Reservation: March 21 – 27
• Young Alumni Softball Team: All welcome to join
• December events included a Choir Reunion and reception performance of The Nutcracker, with a backstage tour of the New York City Ballet.

Nicole mentioned that the Alumni Relations Office is working with all of the colleges on upcoming events of note:
On Friday, February 11, the Graduate School of Business Administration will hold a Happy Hour with marketing professors and the school’s Wall Street Council. On March 5, there is the opportunity to join the Mimes and Mummers. As always on March 17, all are invited to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This year is the 250th Anniversary of the parade and the locale for the Mass and post-parade reception are TBD. Patricia asked Nicole to provide information on Marymount alumnae who have attended Fordham events the above mentioned events to date. Alumnae are encouraged to review the events calendar frequently join in and consider the Travel Program as well.

Sister Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M., then added that the R.S.H.M. is sponsoring a program on the Trafficking of Young Women on the Rose Hill Campus on March 26. Those interested in attending should send their name and contact information to Sister Mary. Sister will work with Patricia to explore service opportunities for the alumnae to support this effort.

LEGACY FUND (Patricia Cole, President)
The Board was delighted to award the fourth scholarship to Shannon Tierney at Founder’s Day in 2010 (her family both holding Academic accreditation with Marymount and Fordham) and looking forward to a fifth scholarship this year. The Fund now stands at $278,500 and we are moving closer toward our goal of $300,000. There was also an excellent response to the Christmas Appeal ($32,000 from 15 donors) and overall donation of $44,000 for the calendar year.

This year we also received the largest single gift and very generous gift to date of $20,000 from an alumna in the Class of 1979. Annual Gifts for the Board to the Legacy Fund for 2010-2011 need to take place before June 30, 2011.

WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE  (Patricia Cole, President, and Sarah Phillips Sullivan, Vice President) 
In Patricia’s latest quarterly e-mail in January, she asked for alumnae to start considering nominations for the proposed Women’s leadership Initiative. She reminded the Board the purpose of this groundbreaking event is to provide leadership and development opportunities showcasing Marymount alumnae leaders from various industries which will (1) Advance professionalism (2) Provide a forum for contemporary issues affecting women (3) work to develop future generation of women leaders.

A one-day” intro event” is in the process of being planned for fall 2011.The format will include a keynote speaker, luncheon and breakout sessions. To date several nominations have been received and the Board Members are requested to forward their recommendations as soon as possible. 

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE (Rita Arno, Chair, and Angelica Hinojosa) 
PART I – Selection of Candidates for 2011 Marymount Alumni Awards
Rita reported that she sent out an e-mail to the Board in January requesting names of prospective candidates for the 2011 Alumni Awards. Once the names of prospective awards candidates have been finalized, Rita is to send out an e-mail to the Board to cast their votes for the awardees. She mentioned that she should have the names of prospective awardees within a week or so. 

PART 2 – Board Membership
Rita reported that the terms of four current Board Members are up for renewal. In addition she has prepared a letter and application that will be e-mailed to the Alumni Association soliciting Board Members for next year. She will need applications and CVs from prospective Board Members no later than March 15, 2011. Angelica Hinojosa will help Rita cull through the applications and the Board will vote on new members for next year’s Board at the April 9, 2011 Board Meeting. After the Board votes, an e-blast will be sent to the general alumni for voting, and the results will be tallied by the Office of Alumni Relations office.

COMMUNICATIONS AND CLASS AGENT OUTREACH (Sarah Phillips Sullivan, Vice President, and Chair) 
Sarah reported that in October 2010, every Class Agent received a letter outlining how to get more involved, however, only three Agents responded. She said that those who are engaged are very active. The Agents will be invited to attend or call in to the April Board Meeting. One goal is to recruit future Board Members from the ranks of the Class Agents. She reported that only Sister Brigid Driscoll, R.S.H.M., and Joyce Abamont have received positive feedback from last year’s Class Agent Outreach effort. 

Another goal is to segment and have several Ambassadors from each class, possibly based on geographical location. Nicole Moore offered to help with this effort, as she has lists of class members. An additional letter from the President will go out to more senior alumnae encouraging more active participation and support of all community events.

FOUNDER’S DAY CELEBRATION (Molly Albrecht, Chair, Jennifer Doody Bauchner, Marian Polovy and Roxanne Russell) 
Molly started by thanking her committee and those who made a special effort to make this year’s Founder’s Day celebration a success. She reported that 80 people attended the event and that Sister Kathleen Connell, R.S.H.M., shared her latest research regarding the life and legacy of Mother Butler. Additionally, Molly reported that more than $1,000 was collected at Founder’s Day towards the Legacy Fund (a new record).
Discussion was raised around the presence of EF students departing their dorms before the ceremony and the advisability of future Founders events at Butler. This will be further explored going forward and in preparation for the 2011 event.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE WEB (Jane Bartnett Galvin, Chair and Elisa Lyew)
Jane reported that she, Sarah and Patricia had reviewed updated content to be posted on the website prior to the Board Meeting. She mentioned that recommendations for any content to be posted on the web be forwarded to Jane and Elisa Lyew for one final review and then to Nicole Moore for the refresh.

BYLAWS (Kathleen McGahran, Chair, and Mary Donohue)
Patricia Cole thanked Mary Donohue for providing everyone with a clean copy of the BYLAWS, which were revised and formally approved at the November 2, 2011, Board Meeting.

As reported in November, Renee had written to Diana Garcia at EF to have her sign off on the signature page of a document that will give approval to have the two additional buildings, Marian Hall and Spellman Auditorium, included for historical designation. Diane is in the process of discussing with others at EF before sign off. EF has also requested further clarification on the project and indicated that the “Statement of Owner Support” only included Butler Hall, Gerard Hall and the Science Building for historical designation. Renee has since spoken with Nancy Todd of the New York Office of Historic Preservation who has indicated she does not have time to engage in further discussions at this point if EF is not willing to comply. Patricia Cole mentioned that she and Renee will schedule a meeting with Diane Rodriguez of EF to move things along on obtaining historical designation for the buildings in question and the project, in general.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

The next Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 9 a.m. at Fordham’s offices at 888 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, N.Y.

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