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Board Minutes - Mar 2011

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Tuesday, 22 March 2011
888 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.

In Person: Patricia A. Cole, Kathy Jowitt, Rita Arno, Jane Bartnett, Sister Mary Heyser, RSHM, Nicole Moore (Alumni Relations Office)
By Phone: Sarah Sullivan, Joyce Abamont, Molly Albrecht, Jennifer Bauchner, Maria Conte-Benedict, Mary Donohue, Renee Zobel.

WELCOME (Patricia A. Cole, President)
Patricia welcomed everyone and stated that she was delighted to have everyone together again for another Board Meeting. She also stated that the focus of this fourth, and final formal meeting of the Board for 2010-2011 would be to discuss the nominations of awardees for the Gloria Gaines, Golden Dome and Alumna of Achievement Awards, to elect new Board Members for 2011-2012, and to discuss Reunion 2011.

OPENING PRAYER (Sister Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M.)
Sister Mary lead the Board in a prayer asking for God's wisdom and guidance as we elect new Board Members and Awardees for 2011, and also to bring us all closer to God during this Lenten Season.

MINUTES (Kathy Jowitt, Secretary)
Kathy asked for formal approval of the Minutes from the February 8, 2011 Board Meeting. Rita Arno motioned to approve the Minutes, and Jane Bartnett seconded the motion. The Minutes were approved.

Patricia reiterated that the Board is deeply grateful to Father McShane, S.J., and all of our Fordham partners for consenting to dedicate the University Commons in Duane Library at Rose Hill in honor of Mother Joseph Butler. Additional planning will take place over the course of the next few months and the goal is to have a formal room dedication in September or October of 2011. The Board will also leverage the room dedication as an opportunity to kick off the Women's Leadership Conference. The Room Dedication/Leadership Conference kick-off will be a two-part event, with the Dedication Ceremony in the morning followed by a luncheon at which a noted Alumna will be honored. The search is now on for a keynote speaker for the event and the ideal candidate should be someone who is committed to the Education, Leadership and Empowerment of women.

ALUMNAE RELATIONS UPDATE (Nicole Moore, Alumni Relations Officer)
Nicole noted that Caitlin Tramel is traveling in China as an ambassador for Fordham. She reported on the following events:

  • the Young Alumni Trip to the Navajo Reservation is in progress at this time.
  • Fordham had the largest St. Patrick's Day turnout ever. A total of 220 alumnae turned out for brunch at the Princeton Club and 400 alumnae registered to march in the Parade. Jane Bartnett and Maria Conte-Benedict of the Board were invited to march in the first line of the Fordham contingent.
  • The Graduate School Social Service's Veteran's Affairs Conference held a one-half day conference, which included a diverse panel of participants.
  • The Graduate School of Education hosted a Dean's Reception, and the Graduate School of Business Administration held an event with their Wall Street Council.
  • On May 6, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will hold the Communitas and Gannon Lectures. She reminded everyone that Fordham has some very good cultural programs and events planned for the Alumni in April, which she encouraged everyone to attend.
  • Finally, the Capital Campaign for Fordham has now reached the $400 million mark.

Sister Mary reminded everyone of the program on "Trafficking of Young Women", which will be held at Rose Hill on Saturday, March 26. Patricia Cole and Sister Brigid Driscoll, RSHM are planning to attend. Sister Mary reported that 100 people have signed up to attend this event.


NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE (Rita Arno, Chair, and Angelica Hinojosa) 
Awards Recipients: Rita announced that Dr. Helene Tanous, Class of 1961, will be receiving the Golden Dome Award. Rita Arno, Class of 1991 Weekend College, will be receiving the Gloria Gaines Award. Mary Begley Murphy-Swertlow, Class of 1966, was nominated to receive the Alumna of Achievement Award.

All Awardees will be confirmed and contacted regarding next steps.

Nominations of New Board Members for the 2011-2012 Year: Before formal nominations started, Rita reiterated the criteria for Board Membership, which includes demonstrated leadership, commitment and ambassadorship to the Association. In addition, and now that we can benefit from the Mother Butler formalized presence at Rose Hill it is imperative that the Alumnae serve a positive role within the Fordham community.

After reviewing the CV's of potential Board Members, the following persons were elected, by unanimous Board vote to serve effective for the 2011–2012 board year:

  • Jamie L. Steiner, Class of 1999
  • Barbara Robinson White, Class of 1961
  • Jean P. Wynn, Class of 1980

Kathy Jowitt then made a motion that the nominees be approved, and Mary Donohue seconded the motion. Terms for new Board Members commence during Reunion 2011.

REUNION 2011 (Joyce Abamont, Chair, Jennifer Doody Bauchner, Marian Polovy and Roxanne Russell)
Joyce noted that the focus for Reunion 2011 will be on the Classes of 1961, 1966, 1991 and the Weekend College graduates of the Class of 1991. In addition to the above-mentioned classes, this year, the Board would like to give special recognition to Dr. Eileen Burchell, who has been very active at Fordham and supportive to the Association. She will be inducted as an Honorary Alumna. The strategy for promoting Reunion 2011 will include the following:

  • A list of 1900 Alumnae will be divided among 14 Board Members for contacting. The emphasis will be on having the Board send e-mails to the Alumnae promoting the Reunion and asking them to attend. A link will be provided in the e-mail, which will direct those interested in attending the reunion to the registration information. Board members may then follow-up with phone calls to those on their list, if they wish.
  • A template will be provided with the e-mails of Alumnae that Board Members can use and can personalize when sending their e-mails or making phone calls to those on their list.
  • The list of Marymount Alumnae should be available from Fordham by 3/25. Sarah Sullivan will divide the list to send to Board Members, with the goal of having the lists out by 3/28. E-mail and/or phone contacts should be made by all Board Members by the end of the week of 4/4.
  • The first blanket e-mail to all Alumnae advertising the Reunion will be sent out from Fordham at the end of March. Patricia Cole and Sarah Sullivan will also handle e-mails and phone calls to previous Marymount faculty members to encourage their attendance at the reunion.
  • A call-in meeting of the Board has been scheduled for Tuesday, 4/12 at 6 p.m. to check on the progress of Board Members with making contact with their lists. The Reunion will also be cross-marketed by advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook.


  • Jane Bartnett will be meeting with Nicole Moore re: the web
  • Kathy Jowitt will interview Shannon Tierney, the 2010 Legacy Fund Scholarship Recipient. The goal is to have the interview completed and posted on the web by the end of May 11, 2011
  • Patricia Cole and Renee Zobel will meet separately with EF regarding historical designation for Marian Hall and Spellman Auditorium.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Next Meeting: A call-in meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 at 6 p.m.

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