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Board Minutes - June 2009

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Meeting was called to order 1:10 p.m.

Young-Yi Clinton motions to approve April 2009 minutes and approved by the board.

Welcome Address and comments by Melissa McCoy-Garzione:

Carol Connors is on a leave of absence from the board.  As we finish the year, Young-Yi Clinton and Sheila Ferrucci terms will come to an end.

We welcome to the alumnae board our new board members, Rita Arno and Mary Donahue.

Alumnae chaplain, Sr. Margaret will be moving on to another position with the RSHMs within Tarrytown.  Father McShane said he would find and hire another RSHM to take over as chaplain. 

Our annual meeting is during reunion weekend here at the Marriott Hotel.   As we look to the future, we are looking to consolidate reunion weekend and Founders Day in addition to making changes to our annual pattern of events.  We need to consolidate events going forward in order to be cost effective.  The Marymount Alumnae Board is the only member of the Fordham family that has their own board. 

Nominations Committee Report by Melissa McCoy-Garzione:

The nominations committee is interested in receiving your nominations for future board positions and/or our alumnae awards.  In addition, if you want to bring to our attention any women of distinction, please contact the nominations committee. 

Communications Committee Report by Sarah Phillips-Sullivan:

This year's focus is on two way communication, with our class agents working to collect as much information as possible.

The communications committee, moving forward, will handle the newsletter.  In the past, the alumni office handled it.  We need to leverage electronic communication for its timeliness and cost effectiveness.  We want to communicate monthly but we cannot do that in print.  We have our own portal in the Fordham website.  We want to develop our website as much as possible.  We plan on spot lighting our professors, feature scholarship and award recipients and much more. 

We will also post our information on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

We will print our final newsletter and going forward it will be electronic.  We need to gather up-to-date information in order to reach as many alumnae as possible.  The most important thing is to keep in touch with us through the Fordham Alumni Office. 

Question:  How about having an RSHM as a class agent and also having a faculty agent?

Response:  Great idea, we'll go ahead and put that in place.

Deleting Fordham mail means you are deleting Marymount mail.

Legacy Fund Report by Kristine Welker:

The Marymount spirit is alive and we are grateful to Fordham and the Marymount community for their support.  Fordham's commitment to us will remain strong as long as we stay connected to the Marymount community.

The Marymount Legacy Fund and our scholarship recipient were recognized at the annual Fordham dinner and fundraiser at the Waldorf=Astoria.

We are in the printed material and Fordham treats us different from the rest of the Fordham schools.  We are pulled out on the printed material which shows that we are receiving special treatment.

We need your support more than ever.

Our current value is not what it was due to the recent market conditions.  Year one and year two yielded enough to give a scholarship but not the next year or two.   Fortunately, the alumnae board raised enough money to sponsor a student.  We need to rally in the next couple of years.  The scholarships are allotments of 5K.  Original goal was 5K for one a year.  We can have as many as we raise money for.  Classes can rally to sponsor a student.

Question:  In the next newsletter, can we get an update on the past scholarship recipients?   

Response:  Yes.

Question:  Is there anything we can do outside of reunion to raise money?

Response:  Through class agents, different chapters and by attending Fordham events, we are trying to get out and reach out on a local level.

Linda Purcell:  Linda contacted Fordham Alumni Office and started the Hudson Valley alumni chapter.  She held an event and 65 people attended. 

Melissa McCoy-Garzione:  It is important for Marymount alumnae to attend Fordham events.  We're pushing back the print of our last newsletter to get all events and news in.  The communications committee is trying to get a buddy system for those who are not connected online.  Our goal is to identity those alumnae who are not online so we can reach them.

Mary Nolin:  Fordham is working on making sure we are all in Fordham Magazine.

Question:   Can the scholarship go toward a specific program or degree? 

Response:  The goal now is to touch as many women as possible.  You have to be a junior or senior with good academics, have a financial need and have a Marymount connection to be nominated for the scholarship.  Once the fund gets bigger, we can be more specific. 

Question:  Where are the scholarship recipients going to school?

Response:  Only Fordham.

Historical Designation by Renee Zobel:

Just to recap, Renee as a non-board member started the historical designation for Butler Hall.  Renee took photos of Butler and researched through the archives to find more supporting photographs.  The Village of Tarrytown then hired an outside company, TKS, to create a report to support our application and we were successful in getting our historical designation on a local level.  Butler Hall, Gerard Hall and the Science Building are now historical landmarks.  All three buildings were built by the same architect.  EF, had to apply for a "compatible use permit" and they agreed to the historic designation.

We are currently in the process of getting historical designation on a state and national level.

The Village of Tarrytown designation is the only protection from demolition.  The only way the three building can be demolished is if the buildings are crumbling.

Final report, a pre-application for state and national level historical designation was completed.  TKS needs to be hired again to create the report to support our application.  The alumni association has to raise the 2K fee for TKS in order to proceed further.  We are rallying at today's meeting to raise the money.

By-Laws Update by Kathleen McGrahran:

Two changes: First, all board members have to contribute to the Legacy Fund.  Second, the Legacy Fund members are a separate committee.

Events by Jane Barnett:

Founders Day, recognizing the Life Center in Sleepy Hollow was a success.  We collected a lot of gifts for the children who use the Life Center.

Moving forward, the plan is to incorporate Founders Day and the reunion by 2010, before Christmas and on a Friday night.

We will try to piggy back on Fordham events.  Linda Purcell and Jane Barnett went to the Fordham annual fundraising dinner at the Waldorf=Astoria.

Meeting adjourned 2:20 pm. 

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