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Board Minutes - Sept 2011

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Thursday, 15 September 2011
888 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.

In Person: Patricia A. Cole (President), Kathy Jowitt (Secretary), Jane Bartnett, Jennifer Bauchner, the Rev. Daniel Gatti, S.J., Sr. Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M., Angel Hinojosa, Elisa Lyew, Mike Trerotola (Fordham), Jean Wynn
By Phone: Sarah Sullivan (Vice President), Joyce Abamont, Dr. Eileen Burchell, Barbara Robinson White, Renee Zobel.

WELCOME (Patricia A. Cole, President)
Patricia welcomed all to the new academic year—Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 which promises to be another exciting year for both the Marymount Alumnae Association and the entire community.

PRAYER (Sister Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M., Alumnae Chaplain)
Sister Mary opened by mentioning that September 15 was another feast day dedicated to the Blessed Mother Mary, although this day is to Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows. Sister asked that, like Mary, may all present be united with Jesus. She asked that the Holy Spirit guide us, and that we support one another as we move forward to accomplish our goals.

MINUTES (Patricia A. Cole, President, and Kathy Jowitt, Secretary)
Patricia reiterated that the minutes of the March 22, 2011 Board Meeting, the fourth and final formal board meeting of the 2010-2011 year, were previously confirmed and approved and have been posted to the website.

Patricia welcomed Father Daniel Gatti, S.J., who is serving as interim director of Alumni Relations at Fordham, and Mike Trerotola, GSB ’10, alumnae relations officer. Board members then proceeded to introduce themselves confirming their tenure, committee participation and board contributions, to-date. Father Gatti mentioned that he had visited the Marymount/EF Campus with Sister Mary Heyser and was impressed by the active involvement of the Marymount community and continued association to the college by alumnae. He also commended the board on all of their extensive accomplishments and reiterated full support of the board’s efforts going forward to support the entire community and “ Keep the Legacy Alive”…

Michael Trerotola is a 2010 graduate of Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business and had previously worked on Jubilee in his senior year at Fordham. Mike, Patricia and Sarah have been working closely in preparation for the Founder’s Day Celebration to be held on December 4, 2011.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT (Patricia Cole, President)
2011-2012 Plans and Priorities – “Keep the Legacy Alive”
Patricia firstly revisited the Mission of the Marymount Alumnae Association, as outlined in the Strategic Plan, developed in January 2010, which is as follows:
- Support the larger goals of Marymount College of Fordham and perpetuate the historical mission of educating and empowering women through the Marymount Legacy Fund.
- Serve the community of alumnae, faculty, R.S.H.M. and Fordham to keep all connected in a meaningful way.
- Serve as a lifelong resource for the entire Marymount College Community.
…. To that end some of the significant milestones, which support Board Key Goals and Objectives since January 2010 include:

Rebuilding, reconnecting and strengthening Intra-community relations of alumnae, R.S.H.M., faculty and Fordham:
Two very successful Jubilee award ceremonies at Rose Hill have been held with Mass, President’s Club and dinner participation. Faculty have been particularly recognized with the 2010 Gloria Gaines Award to Sr. Ellen Marie Keane and the groundbreaking induction of Dr. Eileen Burchell as an Honorary Alumna in June 2011. The fourth Legacy Fund Scholarship was also awarded to Shannon Tierney, whose family includes both Marymount and Fordham graduates. Weekend College has also been recognized, honoring Rita Arno as the 2011 Gloria Gaines Award recipient. There has been very active communication between the Executive Committee and the Fordham Alumni Relations Office with weekly meeting updates to implement board priorities. Again, all core constituencies in the community are closely aligned and connected.

Rollout of a pro-active and multi-faceted communication plan focusing on content frequency and quality:
The Board has developed and now utilizes a personalized alumnae e-mail address, Twitter, Facebook, alternating president and chaplain e-blasts, and has fully redesigned the Web – now featuring board minutes/information, President’s Corner, regular updated events photos, Legacy Fund information, commemorative items, and, more recently, adding the Mary Murphy streamline video, bringing us into the 21st century with our communications.

A diverse and segmented Marketing approach with segmented mailings has also been prioritized with a President’s letter to select classes from the 1950s and 1960s, in the spring of 2011.

Growing the endowment for the scholarship through ambitious development efforts and strategic donor stewardship:
-Four scholarships have been endowed to Marymount scholars and family to-date and a senior alumna offered and made the fourth Legacy Fund sponsorship possible.
-Two inaugural fundraiser telethons have been rolled out and received above average alumnae participation, with new first time donors.
-Founders 2010 focused on and was successful with additional fundraising outreach accompanied by all Legacy Fund materials, Alumna Pledge Forms, and website updates.
-Marymount Legacy Fund and associated scholarship donations and recipients have been represented at Fordham Annual Scholarship and President’s Club Receptions.
-Regular meetings between the Executive Committee and Donor Relations have been held to review the scholarship strategy.

Developing standards of operational excellence on board:
Benchmarked and updated the By-Laws with a review of term and committee obligations and opportunities, added honorary roles, and added new members to further balance and mix class representation. All required board meetings were held, with an addition of numerous working sessions by phone with both the board and committees to ensure the accomplishment of important board priorities. Revisit, annually, the Strategic Plan to support Board Program and Operational Excellence.

DECEMBER 4, 2011 DEDICATION CEREMONY – Program Logistics/Overview

The formal Dedication Ceremony will take place from 11 a.m. to Noon in the Duane Library at Fordham with a sit-down luncheon to follow from Noon to 2 p.m. in Tognino Hall.

Participants in the ceremony will include: Sr. Mary Heyser, Father Joseph McShane, Sr. Kathleen Fagan, R.S.H.M. Provincial, Sr. Kathleen Connell, R.S.H.M., Sr. Brigid Driscoll, President Emeritus, Sr. Maire (Mother Brendan) and will include music, readings of Mother Butler’s Works, history and prayer.

Participants at the luncheon will include Father Daniel Gatti, and Roger Millici, vice president for development and University relations at Fordham. Dr. Eugenie Doyle will speak as well as Mary Murphy, 2011 Alumna of Achievement Award recipient. The fifth Legacy Fund Scholarship recipient will be introduced.

The final part of the luncheon will be the giving of gifts for the R.S.H.M. Life Center. Sr. Mary Heyser mentioned that she would make sure that Sr. Susan Gardella, R.S.H.M., Director of the Life Center, is present at the Dedication Ceremony to receive the gifts.

Patricia noted that all are very appreciative and grateful for the generosity and graciousness of Fordham in hosting this event and complimentary luncheon and all ceremony support.

Lastly, all will be invited to the annual holiday program of Lessons and Carols at the University Church at Rose Hill at 3 p.m.

Patricia Cole has been working with Bea Dinger (former Board Member, Gloria Gaines recipient and curator for the 100TH celebration). A selection of photographic and other memorabilia will be selected for a permanent display in Butler Commons.

Discussions and planning are in progress. Recommendations for music have been made by Sr. Helene and Sr. Ines and a number of Marymount students are looking at performing. Elisa Lyew will be assisting with this effort, as well.

Save The Date postcards to all Marymount alumnae were sent out the first week of August. The alumnae website and RSVP have also been updated to include this information. The announcement and details have also been posted on Facebook. Angelica Hinojosa was the point person for the Facebook effort.

A President’s e-blast will be sent out in the next few days and will also direct those who plan to attend to RSVP/register on the Web. A formal invitation is in the process of being designed. Sarah Sullivan and Mike Trerotola mentioned that it will be sent to 5,000 people (alumnae, faculty, R.S.H.M. and friends), who live within a 60-mile radius of New York.

Patricia had also asked for a number of volunteers to start a very pro-active outreach on this event in early August, as follows:
Board Member Jean Wynn and her team (Molly Albrecht, Mary Conte-Benedict and Mary Donohue) have been contacting former Marymount Alumnae Association awardees. Board Member Jane Bartnett is reaching out to all Class Agents. Jane mentioned that she has gotten a positive response, so far, from the Classes of 1976, 1984 and 1990. Dr. Eileen Burchell has been reaching out to Marymount and Fordham faculty and friends regarding the Dedication Ceremony. Sr. Mary Heyser has been working to engender enthusiasm among her classmates from the Class of 1962, as well as among the R.S.H.M. Extended Family to advertise and encourage enthusiasm for both the Dedication Ceremony and, in the case of the Class of 1962, to encourage attendance at their 50th Reunion at Jubilee 2012. In summary, the first level of outreach is going well. Sr Kathleen Fagan (Provincial) had also approved that the invites be sent to all R.S.H.M. by e-mail.

The Class of 1961 is continuing reunion festivities with an upcoming luncheon and Board Member Barbara Robinson will represent the board and will update her classmates as noted above and about the December 4 event.

There are a number of other Chapter events on the Fordham calendar. Mike will send an updated list of all Marymount attendees so that we can ensure they receive all event information. In addition, the President will send emails, per last year, to international attendees. Kathy Jowitt mentioned that a postcard has been sent out from the alumni relations office giving a rundown of events taking place within the New York metropolitan area in the next several months and Mike will ensure that all board members are placed on the list. Jane Bartnett also suggested that the board might want to think about organizing a “Marymount Sports Night” for alumnae – perhaps to attend a basketball game in the winter, etc., as a way to bring the alumnae closer together.

LEGACY FUND (Patricia Cole)
Patricia Cole reported that fiscal year-end 2010 numbers are available and reflect a positive trend and it appears the fund is generating enough income to support 2011 and 2012 scholarships. The fiscal 2011 numbers will be released in October 2011. All Board Members were requested to consider their individual levels of giving. All support is appreciated.

NOMINATIONS (Rita Arno, Chair)
Due to illness, Rita Arno was unable to attend the meeting. In Rita’s absence, Patricia Cole reported.

Board Nominations 2011-2012
Board Nominations are usually held in January. However, there are three slots available. (Marian Polovy, Jaime Steiner, and Roxanne Russell are no longer on the board). Given the very ambitious board activities, two alumnae had been nominated:
- Maria Bocker (Class of 1998) – Maria currently serves as vice president of equity at Morgan Stanley and had been an active board member.
- Patrice Mackie Kaul (Class of 1974) – Patrice has 33 years of experience in financial services in Chicago and is the former alumnae chapter chair in Chicago.

Full support of these nominations was given on the part of those present and on the phone. They will be contacted and join the next meeting. Patricia also nominated Dr. Eileen Burchell (presently an honorary alumna) as an honorary board member. Dr. Burchell, a former Marymount and current Fordham faculty member, has been very supportive of both Marymount and Fordham and has brought much energy, time and support to the association. By unanimous approval of those present and those on the phone, Dr. Burchell was made an honorary board member of the Marymount Alumnae Association.

Awardee Nominations 2012
Discussion of Nominations of Awardees for Jubilee, 2012 was tabled until the October 13, 2011, Call-in Board Meeting, when Rita Arno, chair of the Nominating Committee, will provide full details.

Standing Committees
Since the Fall Board efforts will be predominately directed towards the December 4 Dedication Ceremony, there will be no additional appointments to standing committees. Committee membership will be revisited in January 2012.

By-Laws Committee (Mary Donohue, Chair)
The committee will revisit content regarding board member terms and the inclusion and terms of honorary board members on the board. All recommendations for additional edits are welcome .

Communications (Sarah Phillips Sullivan, Chair)
For the purposes of additional outreach all board members not on the calling committees earlier mentioned will receive lists of alumnae living within the metro areas to be called. Before the information can be disseminated, all board members will be required to sign a “Privacy Release” and have been asked to submit this to Mike Trerotola as soon as possible.

Historical Designation (Renee Zobel, Chair)
There have been some organizational changes regarding TKS and the historical designation. Renee and Patricia hope to meet the new management and receive project updates by the end of September.

Mike indicated that in terms of quality of alumnae database information, it appears that there are a number of related maiden names missing. He also asked for any additional updates, such as deceased alumnae so that he can update the records. Lastly, Mike reported that the Fordham capital campaign is making significant progress and fast approaching its 2013 goal of $500 million. The Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next board meeting will be a call-in, and will be held on October 13, 2011, at 6 p.m.


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