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Board Minutes - Sept 2012

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Attendance: Joyce Abamont, Rita Arno, Jane Bartnett (President), Jennifer Bauchner, Marie Conte-Benedict, Mary Donohue (Secretary), Sr. Mary Heyser, (RSHM), Angel Hinojosa, Kathleen A. Jowitt, Patricia Kaul, Brianne Laurin (Fordham), Sarah P. Sullivan, Barbara White, Jean Wynn (Vice President), Renee Zobel, Annie Carter, Betsey Carter


  • Opening Prayer (Sr. Mary Heyser, RSHM)
  • Minutes Of Last Meeting (Mary Donohue)
  • Special Hello To Our New MLF Awardees
  • Update on the Summer Meetings with Fordham (Jane Bartnett, Jean Wynn)
  • Board Involvement in Creating Chapter Leaders and New Committee Assignments (Jane Bartnett, Jean Wynn)
  • Upcoming Fall Events (Jane Bartnett)
  • Upcoming Spring 2013 Events (Jane Bartnett)
  • General Business (Jane Bartnett)

Future Board Meetings

  • Thursday, November 8 at 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, February 14 at 6 p.m. – date will change
  • Thursday, April 25 at 6 p.m.

Fall Events

  • Homecoming – Saturday, September 15
  • October Career Event – Saturday, October 13
  • Founders Day – Moved Event to Sunday, Dec. 2

Spring 2013 Events

  • Jubilee (Years ending in 3 and 7): Friday, May 31 – Sunday, June 2

Highlights of Meeting

  • Key Action Items (AIl)
    • Reach out to the RSHM community to determine if there are any conflicts if we change the Founders Day celebration from Saturday December 8 to Sunday December 2. – Sister Mary – Done
    • Reach out to former awardees to determine interest in being a Regional Lead. – who?
    • Reach out to alumni to determine interest in being a Regional Lead. – Jane – In Progress
    • Each board member will send in a Class Note – All
    • Here is the link to enter the note
    • Mail cards to class agents and regional leads – Brianne and Sr. Mary
    • Follow up on committee assignments – All
  • Minutes Of Last Meeting (Mary Donohue)
    • Action Item: Mary will ask Brianne to post the minutes on the Fordham website. – Done
    • Action Item: Mary will send the link to everyone for their review.
    • Here is the link to review the notes.
  • Special Hello to our New MLF Awardees
    • We met our 2012-2013 Marymount Legacy Fund Scholars; Elizabeth (Betsey) and Suzanne (Annie) Carter. They are from Wilmington, DE and are cousins of Carroll Caulfield, MC '63. Carroll is currently living in Florida.
    • Betsey is a senior at Rose Hill. She is a Communications major. Betsey is an intern at The Chew and works at the Fordham television station. She was in Rome Italy last spring via the Loyola program.
    • Annie is a Communications and Media major. She is on the varsity swim team. She is an intern at the Guggenheim Museum. Annie is the president of the Tour Guides. She is planning to get her masters from Fordham in Public Communications. She is currently taking 2 graduate courses.
  • Update on the Summer Meetings with Fordham – Roger Milci, Michael Grifin, Justine Franklin, Jean Wynn, Mary Donohue and Jane Bartnett
    • Key Goal – Increase Marymount Attendance and Involvement at all Levels!
    • Bring new focus to regional/chapter outreach – piggyback on existing Fordham chapters around the country.
    • Marymount alum Linda Purcell, Hudson Valley Chapter Leader, is our "poster child".
    • Appoint (non-board) alums as "Regional Leaders" – i.e. Mary Murphy in L.A. (Entertainment Tonight Correspondent). That leader would report back to designated board member and she would be assisted by Marymount alums on her committee.
    • Develop chapter committees. The board member is the primary contact with the non-board alums.
    • Haunting question remains for many —"Are we welcome at these Fordham events?" – Need to communicate that we are in new ways!
    • Can Fordham assist us with regional outreach? Can we include Marymount on regional mailings for chapter events?
    • Determine key alums in major areas of U.S. and the world where existing Fordham chapters are active.
  • Discussion – Board involvement in Creating Chapter Leaders and New Committee Assignments
    • Young Alumni Committee – Liaison to Marymount community about Fordham Young Alumni Events (alumni 10 years or less out of school) – Angel Hinojosa
    • Regional Chapter Committee – Liaison to Marymount community about regional chapters across the nation and the world. Look to attend Fordham regional events. We will reach out to former awardees to lead chapters. Regional Leads will identify prospective class agents.
    • New England: Renee Zobel
      • Renee will work with Brianne to find a co-chair.
      • Paula Bouchard Johnson, '77 and Faith Hallock, '76 – Jane Bartnett to contact to determine interest
    • North New Jersey Chapter
      • NJ Alum wants to be involved – Betsy Murphy Thomas, '72
    • Class Agents – We need to develop a Class Agent Strategy. Create Class Agent teams. Give Class Agents a certificate at Founders Day to show our appreciation for their efforts.
    • Career Committee – Liaison to Marymount community about Fordham Career Events. Interest Marymount graduates in Mentor Program. — Sarah Sullivan
    • Cultural, Sports, Travel, Events Committee – Liaison to Marymount community about Fordham Special Events – Kathleen A. Jowitt
  • Communications Committee (Jane Bartnett, Angel Hinojosa)
    • Committee is involved with the Linked In group, Facebook page and Marymount page on the Fordham website.
    • The committee will encourage Marymount graduates to send in Class Notes via the Fordham website. We should encourage alumni to include accomplishments, life events (marriages, grandchildren).
    • Send a monthly email to all. Some months the President's Letter will be sent.
    • Increase social media effort. More outreach with Marymount Facebook page and Marymount webpage. We need to increase the number of people who belong to these channels. It is vital to keep this fresh and updated. Perhaps we should post a picture of Sr. Bianca in front of the banner that she made on Facebook.
      NOTE: We have developed a Marymount Board-owned Linked-In page.
    • Website is being re-vamped.
    • We need to reach out to alumnae to invite them to join!
    • We will reach out to all of the future event attendees to ask for their feedback (what they liked, what they did not like)
    • We will tailor information to the alumni generations.
  • RSHM/Jesuit Committee
    • Theological Events and Programs Committee. We have a long range idea to create "The Mary Institute". Another long range idea is to create a chair or special institute within Fordham devoted to the study center of Mary which would be Jesuit/RSHM driven within the Fordham Theology Department.
    • Marymount Legacy Fund – Goal is to reach $1 Million (Now at $400 K)
    • Set goals and strengthen public relations push and market the benefits of the fund
    • Board to develop new list of potential donors
    • Use EXCELSIOR story of Shannon to our advantage. She can be an ambassador.
    • Marymount Legacy Fund fund-raising in private homes and regional gatherings.
    • Upcoming Fall Events

Jubilee Honorees – Candidates?

General Business

  • Familiarize Marymount graduates with Fordham Campuses
    • Familiarize Marymount graduates with Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses by creating a "Visit Rose Hill Morning or Afternoon" and "Visit Lincoln Center Evening". Many graduates have never been to either campus. We could tie-in with an event going on that day/evening. We can leverage the Administration Office tour guides to conduct the tours.
  • Marymount graduate and last president – Anne Slattery
    • Bring Anne Slattery back into the fold by recognizing and thanking her.
  • Identify Marymount graduates
    • With Fordham degrees
    • With spouses who graduated from Fordham
    • With children who graduated from Fordham
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