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Board Minutes - Nov 2010

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Tuesday, 2 November 2010
888 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.

In Person: Sarah Sullivan, Mary Donohue, Angelica Hinojosa, Elisa Lyew, Nicole Moore and Brianne Laurin, and Nicole Moore
By Phone: Patricia Cole, Kathy Jowitt, Joyce Abamont, Rita Arno, Sister Brigid Driscoll, Sister Mary Heyser, Roxanne Russell, Renee Zobel and Jennifer Doody Bauchner

WELCOME (Patricia A. Cole, President)
Patricia welcomed all to the meeting and noted that that the Board has had great momentum in the first month of the 2010–2011 Board Year. She thanked everyone for their hard work and commitment.

OPENING PRAYER (Sister Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M.)
Sister Mary delivered the opening prayer and mentioned that on this Feast of All Souls, a special prayer would be offered for all deceased family members, friends and alumni of Marymount on this occasion.

MINUTES (Kathy Jowitt, Secretary)
Kathy asked for formal approval of the Minutes of the October 7, 2010, Board Meeting. Approval was seconded by Rita Arno and Renee Zobel, and the Minutes approved.


REUNION 2011 (Joyce Abamont, Chair, Jennifer Doody Bauchner, Marion Polovy and Roxanne Russell)
Joyce reported that she has sent an e-mail to the Class Agents regarding Reunion 2011. The list has also been sorted and the Reunion Committee will start by contacting the Agents by phone for feedback and tracking. Joyce has also e-mailed Nicole Moore and Caitlin Tramel of the Fordham Alumni Relations office to obtain photographs from Reunion 2010 to display on a table at Founder's Day to kick off and build enthusiasm for Reunion 2011. Patricia Cole and Sarah Sullivan will also personally send an e-mail to all Class Agents to communicate about Reunion 2011. Sister Brigid Driscoll asked whether Agents and the general alumni get Save the Date postcards, as an advance notice of the reunion. Brianna mentioned that a postcard is sent to all Fordham and Marymount alumnae. Joyce stressed the fact that the Marymount postcard should be printed in the traditional “Marymount” blue. Brianne said that she would look into sending a separate Marymount postcard as a priority.

Patricia, Sarah, Joyce, Bill Connell (member the Fordham Reunion Committee Class of 1966), and Brianne will discuss the reunion plans. Bill is proposing an event for the Saturday of Reunion weekend. Otherwise, Patricia confirmed that the Marymount Reunion Event format will be similar to that of last year. Joyce mentioned that the next meeting of the Fordham Class of 1966 Reunion Committee will be 11/16, and she will be attending that event. Patricia recommended that each Class should have two or three Agents working to encourage class participation, and that everyone in the reunion-year classes should get a personal phone call informing them that plans are already underway for Reunion 2011. The next priority will be to initiate contact with the Class Agents for each reunion-year class, starting with the oldest class year, and working back. Joyce mentioned that she will ask her committee members to call her on 11/3 to start planning for Reunion 2011 and Joyce will contact Patricia and Sarah by 11/15 to inform them of steps taken to advertise Reunion 2011 at Founder's Day.

BYLAWS COMMITTEE (Kathleen McGahran, Chair and Mary Donohue)
Mary Donohue reported for the BYLAWS Committee - several updates have been made to the BYLAWS, effective November 2, 2010.
These updates include the following:
- Middle of Page 2 and top of Page 3 and Section 7, Page 4.
- Section 1: Add information on Special Meetings
- Page 6: Change Caitlin Tramel's title from "Director of Alumnae Relations" to "Director of Alumni Relations",
- Bottom of Page 6: Added Alumnae Chaplain role verbiage.
BYLAWS updates were approved (Kathy Jowitt and Rita Arno seconded the approval). Patricia asked if a clean copy of updated BYLAWS could be provided to the Board by the next meeting on February 8, 2011.

ALUMNAE RELATIONS UPDATE (Nicole Moore, Alumni Relations Officer)
Nicole informed the Board that Caitlin Tramel was in Chicago, attending a Fordham Regional event there. She indicated that, in general, there are more alumni regional events in the spring than in the fall. She then mentioned that more than 100 alumni attended the recent TMC (Thomas Moore College) event. Lynn Neary, graduate of TMC was the featured speaker. Sister Mary Heyser attended the event and informed the Board that Lynn Neary had attended Marymount in Tarrytown for two years, before transferring to TMC. Patricia asked if a list of MMC grads could be provided to use for future communications and contact. Nicole will look into this and report back.

Nicole mentioned that the Lombardi play Fordham alumni event drew 100 people, and also 100 attended the dinner prior to the play. The Alumni Relations Office also sponsored visits for the Met and MoMA in October. There is also a Memorial Mass and luncheon following for deceased Fordham/Marymount alumni and family members scheduled at noon at the Lincoln Center campus chapel. A discussion followed this announcement, as many on the Board were not informed that this event was scheduled, and would have liked to attend. A suggestion was made that there should be advertising on the Fordham website earlier so that people who might be interested in attending this event could plan accordingly. This event is held annually around All Souls Day.

FOUNDER'S DAY (Sarah Sullivan, Vice President, for Molly Albrecht, Chair)
Marie Conte-Benedict of the Committee has been making phone calls to Class Agents. Planning and set up for this year's event will be similar to Founders 2009. This year, there will also be an 11 a.m. Mass in Butler Memorial Chapel prior to the Founder's Day event. Sister Mary Heyser mentioned that the Extended Family of the R.S.H.M. is also hosting an Advent Day of Reflection that afternoon and that in the future scheduling conflicts will be avoided. A member from the Alumnae Board and from the Extended Family will also be invited to participate in the procession at the Mass, and do one of the readings. Since there will be a gap of about one hour between the end of the Mass and the start of the Founder's Day event, Sarah suggested that, perhaps, tours of the Heritage Room could be provided for attendees of Founder's Day during that time. Sister Mary will look into and coordinate.

The discussion then turned to the format of the program. Patricia also asked if the Legacy Fund Scholarship candidate could be confirmed as soon as possible, and no later than 11/12/10. The Fordham Financial office is handling this, and Nicole Moore will coordinate with them. Patricia asked that each Board Member personally reach out and invite three people to attend the event. Sister Brigid and Rita Arno informed the Board that they did not receive the e-mail invitation that was sent out on October 25. Kathy Jowitt will forward the invite to Rita Arno. A drop-dead date of 11/21 was set for the planning, program format, scholarship recipient communication.

Sarah reported that she sent a personal note to each of the Class Agents outlining top areas of focus-the most important priority being engagement. The Board and the Class Agents must work hand-in-hand and reciprocally to reach out to the general alumnae. In terms of additional outreach Patricia confirmed that the first President's Letter of the 2010-2011 Alumnae Year is now posted on the website and a second letter from her will be written and posted on the web post Founder's Day. A letter to Classes of the 1950s and 1960s is also under development and will be sent in an attempt to reach out to those who do not have e-mail, or access to Facebook, Twitter, etc. She encouraged everyone to visit the website often to be kept abreast of the latest news, events, etc.

Renee reported that she has written to Diana Garcia at EF to have her sign off on the signature page of a document that will give approval to have the two additional buildings, Marian Hall and Spellman Auditorium, included for historical designation. Diane is in the process of discussing with others at EF before sign off. EF has also requested further clarification on the project and indicated that the “Statement of Owner Support” only included Butler Hall, Gerard Hall and the Science Building for historical designation. Renee mentioned that she will talk to Nancy Todd of the New York Office of Historic Preservation and with TKS, our consultant, also, to bring them into the loop on this matter and she, Patricia and EF will also meet to review the matter.

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE (Rita Arno, Chair, and Angelica Hinojosa)
Rita has requested the addresses of all alumnae from the Reunion 2011 Classes. By February, she will have the names of the awards candidates available, and there will be further discussion of this at the February 2011 Board Meeting.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 8 February 2011, at Fordham's offices at 888 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y., from 6 to 8 p.m.


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