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Board Minutes - Nov 2012

Marymount Alumnae Board Minutes

Minutes of the Marymount Alumnae Board Meeting
Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Attendance: Joyce Abamont, Rita Arno, Jane Bartnett (President), Jennifer Bauchner, Marie Conte-Benedict, Mary Donohue (Secretary), Kathleen A. Jowitt, Patricia Kaul, Brianne Laurin (Fordham)


  • Founders Day – Sunday December 2
  • Regional Leaders Effort
  • Class Notes
  • Fall Events
  • The Mary Institute
  • Marymount Legacy Fund
  • Marymount Branded Materials
  • Spring Events
  • Marymount Alumnae Directory
  • Committee Reports
  • Discussion: Next meeting – January 24 – move from February 14th – OK?
  • New Business
  • Old Business
  • Adjourn by 7 pm

Founders Day – Sunday, December 2

  • Created certificates of appreciation for all Class Agents and Regional Leaders – (Linda Purcell – Northern Westchester Chapter Founder; Betsy Murphy Thomas – Northern New Jersey Chapter – Marymount representative; Renee Zobel – Boston region – New England)
  • Kathy Jowitt is contacting class agents by phone to encourage them to attend. Those who do not attend will have certificates mailed to them.
  • Registration is open. We all need to encourage friends/classmates to attend.
  • Brianne reported on the numbers to date. Approximately 30 people have registered.
  • RSHM Life Center – asked Sr. Irene Kelly of the Life Center to talk about how the Life Center carries on the work of Mother Butler.
  • Change of date from Dec. 8 to Dec. 2 was positively received by RSHM.

Regional Leaders Effort

  • Next meeting – there will be more discussion on how we can determine new regional leaders.

Class Notes

  • Everyone should submit a class note(s) – did anyone submit one? It is easy, click here.

Fall Events

  • Homecoming – Sr. Mary, Kathy Jowitt and Jane Bartnett attended. They met a number of Marymount alums. Next year we will make this a stronger effort. It was a very fun day.
  • October Career Day – Very successful. Many more registered than attended. Should we move the event to the Lincoln Center campus? More discussion of this at our next meeting.
  • RSHM Marymount Luncheon at NY Athletic Club – Jane, Patrice, Sarah and other Marymount Tarrytown alums attended the event. The organizers of the event want us to help them get current addresses of the alums. We have to determine if and how we can do this.

The Mary Institute

  • Sr. Mary has done some research and discussed this idea with others at Fordham. There is a woman who is a Mary scholar in the theology department. Further discussion required with Roger and Michael.

Marymount Legacy Fund

  • Brianne is asking Justine Franklin to speak to us at the next formal meeting about a campaign and how to reach our $1 million goal.

Marymount Branded Items

  • Rita and Joyce are looking into costs and availability of branded items. We will mark down and sell as much of current merchandise as possible. We need to reduce our inventory before new items come in.


  • President's Club Christmas Reception – December 3 at Lincoln Center – donors over $1,000
  • December 5 – Alumni Career Workshop
  • December 6 – Young Alumni Third Thursday and Pajama Program
  • December 8 – The Nutcracker Performance – Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • December 13 – Chicago Alumni Christmas Reception
  • See Events calendar for numerous regional receptions in the winter months
  • Gala at the Waldorf – March 18
  • March – St. Patrick's Day Parade
  • Jubilee – May 31 – June 2 – Salute to classes ending in '3 and '8 – 50th Anniversary – Class of 1963: 25th Anniversary – Class of 1988

Marymount Alumnae Directory

  • Discussions with Fordham about a new Marymount Alumnae directory.
  • The last directory was printed in 2007.
  • The current thinking is that we will do one and then future directories will be part of the Fordham Directory structure. The next Fordham Directory will be published 3 years from now.

Committee Reports

  • Young Alumni – Angel
    • Angel will continue to look at the Young Alumni Events that Fordham has and try and get Alums to attend
    • Angel will continue to get Young Alums involved.
  • Regional – Renee (and co-chair needed!)
    • Renee was unable to attend the meeting.
    • She will work with Brianne to get a co-chair.
  • Class Agents – Kathy Jowitt
    • Kathy will reach out to the Class Agents to invite them to Founders Day.
    • Brianne has a “Guide” Book that we can leverage to bring clarity to the position and define the role.
  • Career – Sarah
    • Sarah will look at the Fordham Career Events Calendar and encourage Alumnae to attend.
  • Marymount Legacy Fund – Mary Donohue
    • This will be discussed at our next meeting.
  • Nominating – Rita and Joyce
    • Want 2 people to join the Board in January to fill our vacancies.
    • 2 others will join the Board in June.
    • Would like to get representation from all of the decades.
    • Everyone should pass on their recommendations for new members who will be good leaders and committed to donating to the Legacy Fund to Rita and Joyce.
    • Rita and Joyce will determine good candidate and present 2 for us to vote on.
    • Rita will review the by-laws and determine the maximum number of people that we can have on the board.
    • People can work on committees if they are not on the board.

    Volunteer if you have not taken on a committee assignment – we need your help!

Next Meeting

  • Will be Thursday, January 24 at 6 p.m.

Future Board Meeting

  • Thursday, April 25 at 6 p.m.
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