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Shannon Tierney:
2010 Legacy Fund Recipient

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The Marymount College of Fordham University 2010 Legacy Fund recipient Shannon Tierney was born in 1990, and grew up in Orange, California, where she attended Serra Catholic Elementary School and Santa Margarita High School. She is the only child of Michael and Myra (Magner) Tierney, MC '79.

Though she grew up in California, Shannon often visited the New York metropolitan area, as most of her mother and father's families are from the New York area. Shannon's parents relocated from New York to California due to her mother's job. Shannon's mother is a regional sales manager for TOSHIBA and her father works in commercial real estate. Her parents' strong ties to the New York City area had a strong influence on her desire to attend college in New York. She started college at Fordham University in September 2008.

In addition to her mother, Shannon has several extended family members with connections to both Marymount and Fordham. Her mother's sister, Megan Magner, is a graduate of Marymount College, Class of 1982, and her grandmother's sister, Helena (Hunt) Moraski, graduated from Marymount College in 1961. Also, Shannon's grandmother, Martha Magner, received all three of her degrees from Fordham: her bachelor's degree in 1953, her master's degree in 1978 and her doctorate in 1991.

Shannon is now a junior at Fordham, where she is majoring in psychology, with a minor in sociology. She plans to graduate with a B.S. in psychology in May 2012. She is not yet sure how she will apply her knowledge after graduating next year, but there are many paths from which she can choose and many options for a bright and promising future! Whatever path she chooses to pursue, we are sure that she will do well.

The entire Marymount Alumnae Board of Directors and Alumnae Association congratulate Shannon on her achievement as the 2010 Marymount Legacy Fund Scholarship Recipient!

(Interview prepared and submitted by Kathleen A. Jowitt, Secretary, Marymount College of Fordham University Alumnae Association Board of Directors.)

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