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Alumni Softball FAQ
  • There are two Fordham softball seasons: Spring (mostly weeknights) and Summer (Sundays)
  • Team rosters are 18 people (11 men and seven women).
  • Each team has 10 players on the field at all times: seven men and three women (with one extra male hitter).
  • All teams play in the casual league.
  • Seven-inning games.
  • Modified arc (six-12 feet) pitching.
  • For a full set of rules, please click here.

Cost per player is $115 payable through ezdonor. ZogSports donates a percentage of the profit to charity. The fee includes:

  • Eight regular season games
  • 50 percent of the teams will make the single elimination playoff tournament
  • Field fees
  • Professional umpires
  • Teams can request to purchase shirts through ZogSports or provide their own shirts/uniforms with numbers
  • "Prize Money" from ZogSports' sponsors donated to the winning team's charity.
  • League administration
  • Organized happy hours at local bars after the games
  • For Fordham teams, there is a preseason exhibition game at Rose Hill's Jack Coffey Field and postgame event in Dagger John's Restaurant.

Equipment is not included. Each team must supply a set of bases, one new softball per game, a catcher's mask and bats. ZogSports will arrange for the purchase of the required equipment for each team upon request.

  • The season begins on March 27. View the schedule.
  • Games will be on weekday and Sunday evenings. Games will start between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Because some of the fields are not lit, teams should expect to have a handful of their games start between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • All players will receive a schedule once it is released.

All games will be played in the following locations:

  • Colonel Charles Young (145th and Lenox Avenue): 0-1 game
  • Central Park North Meadow and Great Lawn: 0-1 game
  • DeWitt Clinton Park (54th Street and 11th Avenue): 1-2 games
  • Frederick Douglass (101st Street and Amsterdam): 0-1 game
  • Harlem River Park (128th Street and 3rd Avenue): 0-1 game
  • Murry Bergtraum: 0-1 game
  • Randall's Island Fields 12-48: 1 game
  • Riverbank State Park (138th and Riverside Drive): 0-1 games
  • Riverside Drive Fields 6 and 7 (107th Street and Riverside Drive): 0-1 games
  • Roosevelt Island (Pony and Firefighters): 0-1 game

Please note that game times, locations, and dates mentioned above may change.

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