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If you graduated from Fordham University during the last 10 years, you are one of Fordham's Young Alumni. There are more than 11,000 of you who represent Fordham's tradition of academic excellence.

A unique mentoring opportunity that pairs Fordham University alumni with interested students during each academic year.


Celebrate Fordham by joining other young alumni in a host of events.


* Find out about alumni events
* Connect with other Fordham alumni
* Stay connected to Fordham

Click here to join the Fordham University Alumni Facebook Page.


Request a copy of your Fordham University Transcript.

Your free RamPass card is your access to all Fordham campuses as well as a host of special benefits and discounts.


Information about jobs, networking, workshops, programs, mentoring and other resources - designed especially for alumni.


Fordham's Young Alumni are leaders of tomorrow, and although you are busy building your career, family and future, you can still make an impact on Fordham through your participation in the life of the University.  

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