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Fordham's Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter
Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter

Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter

Fordham thanks all current and former military members for their service to our country.

The mission of Fordham's Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter is to foster a strong and continuing relationship between veteran alumni of Fordham University and the University community, particularly by sharing their experience and knowledge with current ROTC cadets and returning veteran students.

The formation of the chapter represents the combined efforts of Fordham's Office of Alumni Relations, the Department of Military Science at Fordham, and veteran alumni. Establishment and support of the Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter exemplifies Fordham's continued support and recognition of all alumni who performed military service.

Please submit your nominations for the Fordham Military and ROTC Hall of Fame by November 15.

Submit your nomination.

The Veterans and ROTC Alumni Chapter is looking for mentors for Fordham's Edge4Vets program.

  • Assist veterans returning to school.
  • Help them translate their military skills into marketable skills for the civilian workforce.
  • Mentor ROTC cadets in selection requests for branch and duty assignments.
  • Advise students interested in military service.

Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you have for our organization.

Col. Edward H. Winkler, USA (Ret.), FCRH '67, LAW '72
Lt. Col. Elise Hunt, USA
Professor of Military Science and Department ChairĀ
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