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Jubilee 2010 Address

President's Corner

Full remarks from Marymount Alumnae Board President Patricia Cole's ('74) address during the awards ceremony held during the Fordham Jubilee (June 5 and 6, 2010):

Dear Marymount Alumnae and Alumni:

Good afternoon and welcome to all, our honorees, our beloved RSHM, honored faculty, fellow Board members as well as Marymount and Fordham alum, friends and family.

Sister Mary Heyser, can we now ask you to lead us prayer? Thank you Sister Mary and again thank you all for being here today and for your energy and efforts and answering the call to stand up as leaders. Thank you also for recognizing not only the importance of celebrating and honoring these time honored traditions that mark our highest good but also realizing how fortunate we are to have these remarkable women role models in our lives to value, emulate and celebrate.

Today represents the first of many important milestones for the Marymount and Fordham alum, RSHM, and faculty to engage and collaborate. We are truly grateful for this exceptional gift of change which has come into our lives. We have begun to embrace the wonderful resources for personal, professional, academic and spiritual growth as offered through our exceptional Fordham relationship. On that note, and before I continue, I would like to extend particular thanks to our partners at the Fordham Office of Alumni Relations: Catlin, Mary and Justine, and all others for their friendship and support of our efforts in building a mutually beneficial partnership. And of course thank you for your generosity and assistance with this important and beautiful event today!!!

As your Marymount Alumnae Board and Community, we have begun proactively to respond to the opportunities of this new environment. We are here, we are engaged...It is happening!!! We have been given the power to transform! Thanks to the help of all of you here today, we are responding with confidence and resilience. The Board has been able to accomplish much since the start of the year and we have put together a strategic plan that enables us all to not only welcome, but also start to take advantage of and enjoy the many new benefits and experiences open to the alumni community.

Our priorities include: (1) Rebuilding, reconnecting and strengthening our intra-community relations (2) Rolling out a pro-active, multifaceted and very diverse communication plan (3) Growing the endowment for the Marymount Legacy Scholarship through our strategic donor stewardship (4) And lastly, implementing new Board standards of operational excellence and effectiveness...

Just as our Founder Mother Butler demonstrated and inspired courage, flexibility and vision, we will also continue to move thoughtfully forward with a vision of inclusion and action for our new alumnae and alumni community. It is impossible for me to speak of the progress we've made without recognizing the work and dedication of our Board leadership. So, I would like to acknowledge our existing Board and would ask those present to stand and actually as well as our new Board members. From our Executive Committee, Sarah Sullivan, '97, and our right-hand and Secretary Kathy Jowitt, '72. The General Board: including our past President Melissa McCoy, '84; Rita Arno, '91; Mary Donohue, '79; Joyce Abamont, '66; Jane Bartnett Galvin, '76; Margaret Watson, '72; Kristine Welker, '88; Renee Zobel, '83 and Sr. Mary Heyser, '62, Chaplain. New members, Molly Albrecht, '92, and Jennifer Bauchner, '97.

Thank you also Joyce for returning and thanks to our alum Carolyn Dolan,'68, who has been presiding on the Fordham University Board of Trustees for many years now and is currently a member of the President's Council. Thank you all for your terrific dedication and devotion to our Alma Mater!!!!

Also, we have two of the outgoing Board members here today who have completed their terms that I would like to recognize Kristine Welker and Margaret Watson. Can I ask you to come up? I had the good fortune of working very closely for a number of years now with Margaret and Kristine on the Marymount Legacy Fund and I would like to say that it is due to your hard work, perseverance and selfless commitment that the endowment is intact and thriving today. The Fund, as we know, represents the true cornerstone of the Marymount Legacy in posterity. So thank you so much. Please accept these mementos as gestures of our heartfelt gratitude.

Next, I would like to ask Melissa Mc Coy, our most recent President, to step forward as well. Melissa, thank you so much for your most admirable leadership over the past five years. During your tenure as Alumnae Board President, our Marymount College experienced turbulent times but nonetheless, and due to your tenacity and commitment, great things were achieved and a foothold for the Marymount Alumnae Association was further secured...for this we are so grateful!

Also during your tenure, we celebrated many wonderfully successful accomplishments such as Marymount's 100th birthday celebration and Founders Day commemorations, and of course, the signature Vera Bradley commemorative bag supporting the naissance and development of the Marymount Legacy Fund. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Marymount Alumnae Association and Community. Please accept these gifts as a symbol of our recognition and sincere gratitude! And now...It is my pleasure to present the Jubilee honorees and presenters—Again, all outstanding Marymount women...

  • Joyce Abamont, '66, will present the Golden Dome Award to Patricia Cotter, '75.
  • Melissa McCoy, '84, will present the Alumna of Achievement Award to Jean Wynn Shea, '80.
  • Maura Gaines, '58, will present Sister Ellen Marie Keane, '60, with the Gloria Gaines Award.

Thank you so much ladies.

Before we close...I would like to ask Kristine Welker, chair of the MLF Committee to share some thoughts upon the progress of the MLF and our strides regarding stewardship...In sum, we are truly thankful for our brilliant Marymount Legacy and for the ability to celebrate the ever inspiring women alumnae, RSHM and faculty in our lives. In addition to all of the other Board priorities mentioned earlier, we are also pleased to announce that we will also be working closely with Fordham in developing a unique women leadership program! We are particularly thrilled since we see this as formidable opportunity for inclusion and collaboration for our entire community to lead, mentor and empower the lives of countless others...

Thank again for your vision, for answering the call to be champions of change, for opening your hearts and minds and seeing the possibilities for future generations of women leaders from the Marymount family. Thank you also for your commitment to engage, inspire and create a more unified association: one of warmth, sisterhood and joyous gratitude—an association of uniqueness and communion...One that will respect and turn this one time opportunity into action and which will make the difference for the benefit of all and most importantly in the Mother Butler tradition of clear intention, compassionate heart and noble action—Lest we forget Tua Luce Dirge!

For additional information, please visit us on our Facebook page and on the Marymount page of the Fordham alumni pages.

We wish everyone a great summer!!

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