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The President, the Board of Trustees, and the President's Council of Fordham University cordially invite you to hold open this date for the twelfth annual Fordham Founder's Award Dinner

The Twelfth Annual
Fordham Founder's
Award Dinner honoring

E. Gerald Corrigan, Ph.D., GSAS '65, '71
Patricia Anne Heller, PAR '03, '07, '11
John Ryan Heller, PAR '03, '07, '11

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Waldorf Astoria New York
Park Avenue at 49th–50th Streets | Grand Ballroom
6:30 p.m. Cocktails | 7:15 p.m. Dinner | Black Tie

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E. Gerald Corrigan, Ph.D., GSAS '65, '71
Patricia Anne Heller, PAR '03, '07, '11, John Ryan Heller, PAR '03, '07, '11
2013 Tables/Tickets
President's Circle Table
Founder's Circle Table
Benefactor's Circle Table
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Young Alumni Donor Ticket
(2012-2003 graduates)
The Fordham Founder's Award

With the Fordham Founder's Award, we seek to recognize individuals whose personal and professional lives reflect the highest aspirations of the University's defining traditions, as an institution dedicated to wisdom and learning in the service of others. They are designated Founders of Fordham for their own achievements and contributions to the University, but also because they stand as exemplars of the renewal of the University in its identity and mission by different generations of Fordham men and women.

The Fordham Founder's Presidential Scholarship Fund

The Fordham Founder's Presidential Scholarship is awarded to young men and women whose curiosity of mind and strength of spirit have enabled them to go beyond the boundaries of expectation. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate through coursework, extracurricular activities, and personal experiences a desire for excellence in all aspects of life. Their characteristics reflect the qualities shared by Fordham's founding members and are mandates for the development of an ethical society.

Proceeds benefit the Fordham Founder's Presidential Scholarship Fund.

For more information, please contact Liz Manigan, Assistant Vice President for University Events and Stewardship,
at or (212) 636-7442.
The Beneficiaries of Your Support
The Fordham Founder's Presidential Scholars:
  • Anna Abowd, FCLC '15
  • Robyn Ayers, FCLC '16
  • Gabriela Cinkova, GSB '15
  • Ariel Fragale, FCRH '14
  • Christian Georges, GSB '13
  • Scott Irving, FCRH '16
  • Alexandria Johnson, FCLC '14
  • Courtney Markes, FCRH '13
  • Rory Masterson, GSB '14
  • Tiffany Wang, GSB '16
  • Bethany Wolff, FCRH '13
  • Julian Wong, FCRH '15
Some Words from Two of Your Founder's Scholars
"Thank you for all that you have given to the Fordham Founder's Presidential Scholars. You are not only investing in Fordham's students but in everything we will accomplish in the future. You are giving us the principal ingredient to success—education. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can say it a million times over, but to prove my gratitude, I am putting your generous contributions to the best use possible, and making the most of my Fordham education." Tiffany Wang, GSB '16
"I can honestly say that this scholarship has been life changing. Without it, my matriculation into college would have been delayed indefinitely, and I undeniably would not be as close to achieving my personal and professional goals as I am today. The scholarship is truly a blessing to students like me, who strive to maintain academic and personal excellence, yet simply do not have the resources to enable us to do so. There are no words to communicate how truly grateful I am." Courtney Markes, FCRH '13
Founder's 2013 | Dinner Co-Chairs
  • Kim B. Bepler
  • Stephen E. Bepler, FCRH '64
  • Gerald C. Crotty, Esq., FCRH '73
  • Maurice J. Cunniffe, FCRH '54
  • Robert D. Daleo, GSB '72
  • Mario J. Gabelli, GSB '65
  • James J. Houlihan, GSB '74
  • Darlene Luccio Jordan, Esq., FCRH '89
  • Brian W. MacLean, FCRH '75
  • Regina M. Pitaro, FCRH '76
  • Michael A. Puglisi, GSB '72
Founder's 2013 | Dinner Committee
  • Edmon W. Blount, FCRH '69
  • James E. Buckman, Esq., FCRH '66
  • Robert E. Campbell, GSB '55
  • Vincent R. Cappucci, Esq., GSB '81, LAW '84
  • Mary Higgins Clark, FCLC '79
  • Steven M. Colletta, GSB '01
  • Michael P. Davidson, FCRH '94
  • John C. Doscas, GSB '80
  • James P. Flaherty, FCRH '69
  • Herbert A. Granath, FCRH '54, GSAS '55
  • Thomas P. Humphrey, FCRH '82
  • Colleen M. Jones, GBA '88
  • General (R.) John M. Keane, GSB '66
  • John P. Kehoe, FCRH '60, FCLC '85
  • Mary Jane McCartney, TMC '69
  • Charles P. Menges, GSB '64
  • Henry S. Miller, FCRH '68
  • Edward I. O'Brien, Jr., FCRH '80
  • Charles Osgood, FCRH '54
  • Gregory F. Summers, GSB '78
  • John N. Tognino, PCS '75
  • Mario P. Torsiello, GSB '78
  • Manuel E. Villar, GSB '94
Founder's Award Recipients
  • His Eminence Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.
  • Wellington T. Mara, FCRH '37
  • William D. Walsh, Esq., FCRH '51
  • Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J., GSAS '68
  • Mary Higgins Clark, FCLC '79
  • General (R.) John M. Keane, GSB '66
  • Angelo R. Mozilo, GSB '60
  • Charles Osgood, FCRH '54
  • Rose Marie Bravo, TMC '71
  • Paul B. Guenther, FCRH '62
  • Kim B. Bepler
  • Stephen E. Bepler, FCRH '64
  • His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, FCRH '54, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington
  • Robert E. Campbell, GSB '55
  • Herbert A. Granath, FCRH '54, GSAS '55
  • James E. Buckman, Esq., FCRH '66
  • John P. Kehoe, FCRH '60, FCLC '85
  • Maurice J. Cunniffe, FCRH '54
  • Mario J. Gabelli, GSB '65
  • Regina M. Pitaro, FCRH '76
  • James P. Flaherty, FCRH '69
  • James J. Houlihan, GSB '74
  • Darlene Luccio Jordan, Esq., FCRH '89
  • John N. Tognino, PCS '75
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