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The Fordham
Founder’s Scholars Benefiting from Your Support



Majors: Theatre Design and Italian Studies
Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia

“The Fordham Founder’s Scholarship has enabled me to attend the school of my dreams to pursue the career of my dreams in the city of my dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Robyn Ayers, FCLC ’16

Major: Dance
Hometown: Edgerton, Kansas

“The scholarship donors have made my Fordham education and my Ailey dance training possible — and I promise that I will work to make you and the entire Fordham community proud.”


Anne Bradberry, FCRH ’17

Major: Political Science
Hometown: Silverton, Oregon

“This scholarship is an honor and I am so grateful as it will allow me the opportunity to fulfill my goal of working as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years after graduation, without student loans.”


Gabriela Cinkova, GSB ’15

Major: Business Administration
Concentrations: Marketing and Management
Hometown: Novato, California

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Founder’s donors for this life-changing gift. I am so thankful for your generosity and hope to emulate it in the future as a Fordham alumna.”


Salvatore Cocchiaro, GSB ’17

Major: Finance
Hometown: Bayside, New York

“With your generosity and support, you have allowed me to make a decision that was impossible otherwise — I was able to choose Fordham over the other schools I was accepted to. I will work as hard as humanly possible to make you proud and your investment worthwhile.”


Ariel Fragale, FCRH ’14

Major: Physics
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: Oceanport, New Jersey

“This scholarship is a force of inspiration. It compels me to go beyond the goals I set for myself academically, and it beckons me to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the Fordham community and the city it belongs to.”


Jeffrey (JT) Friedman, FCLC ’17

Majors: Theatre Performance and Directing
Hometown: Valencia, California

“This gift, which is still so unimaginable to me, has and will continue to change my life. I am most honored by this scholarship — and the fact that you have chosen to invest and trust in me, as an artist and an academic, is inspiring and touching. I will always be thankful to you.”


Scott Irving, FCRH ’16

Major: Physics
Hometown: Lindenhurst, New York

“The students who pass through Fordham represent the history of the world. With your generous support we are getting the best education possible and will reach our true potential within our chosen fields of study and careers.”


Alexandria Johnson, FCLC ’14

Major: Dance
Hometown: Garland, Texas

“For me Fordham would not have been possible without the Founder’s Scholarship, and knowing that I am one of a select group of students to receive this gift, I am more motivated to ‘go forth and set the world on fire’ — so one day I can give back as a donor.”


Jenna Johnson, GSB ’17

Major: Business Administration
Concentration: Sports Business
Hometown: San Jose, California

“I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of attending Fordham without your generous donations, and for that I am infinitely grateful. I am so enjoying Fordham’s Jesuit traditions, welcoming environment, and New York City.”


Rory Masterson, GSB ’14

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina

“I wanted to leave my comfort zone and come to Fordham and New York to study at a Jesuit institution and to realize my full potential — and the Founder’s donors made this possible. I will be forever in your debt — and always appreciative.”


Tiffany Wang, GSB ’16

Major: Business Administration
Concentrations: Accounting and International Business
Hometown: Monroe Township, New Jersey

“This scholarship has made my dream of attending Fordham a reality and a quality education feasible. Thank you for investing in me and my future by providing the principal ingredient to success — education.”


Janessa Warren, FCRH ’17

Major: Spanish
Hometown: Bethel, Alaska

“I wanted to come to Fordham because it’s a Jesuit school and it’s in New York City. I’ve been incredibly blessed with the Founder’s Scholarship — and I remember every day that I wouldn’t be here without the donors’ support.”


Christopher Wilson, FCLC ’17

Major: Dance
Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

“The Founder’s Scholarship is such an honor — and has given me a sense of belonging within the Fordham community. You have helped to make my dreams, as well as other students’ dreams, a reality.”


Julian Wong, FCRH ’15

Major: Engineering Physics
Hometown: Flushing, New York

“Fordham has allowed me to grow in my faith and has inspired me to make the world a better place. It is only with your help that we can hone our talents in the hopes of contributing to society — and I will live up to your expectations.”

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