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2012-2013 Academic Year

photo Ed Morrissey introduces GSB’s TrepCon
keynote speaker. Norman Brodsky.
Frank Sciame sponsors
Urban Dialogues once again.
photo Mary Ann Bartels introduces the
2012 Gannon Lecturer.
Bob Gach Co-Chairs the Summit in
Technology Start-Ups in the Bronx.
photo Michael Davidson and John McGinley host a corporate alumni reception at J.P. Morgan Chase.
Charles Menges hosts an Edge4Vets mentoring
event at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.
photo Winged Foot Golf Outing Chairman Tom Humphrey.
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Five President’s Council Stars Counsel Fordham’s Student-Athletes

event phot

On Jan. 29, more than 250 Fordham student-athletes attended the Student-Athlete Career Mentoring Night in the McGinley Center Ballroom, sponsored by the Athletic Department, with help from the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and the Office of Development and University Relations. Those in attendance received guidance and support from six Fordham graduates who have gone on to find success in their chosen fields.
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President’s Council Member Ed Blount Sponsors a Special Student Trip to Washington D.C.

event photo

Students from Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College Lincoln Center, and the Gabelli School of Business got to see the nation’s economic levers of power in person during a visit to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, March 27.
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President’s Council Peers and Guests Create a Dynamic Panel

event photo

Fordham took a page from James Lipton’s book when a panel of four distinguished alumni shared their thoughts on life and success—Inside the Actors Studio style.
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Twenty Eight President’s Council Mentors Participate in the Fall
Executive Leadership Series

event photo

As students and young alumni prepare to enter the corporate world, they often find that there is more to contend with than just conducting good business—for instance, the collision of their personal value systems with workforce norms may lead to ethical predicaments. Read more

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Twenty-Two President’s Council members participated in our annual outreach to top prospective students. Telling their unique and compelling Fordham story, President’s Council members urge top applicants to “say yes” to Fordham! Following is a response one of the volunteers received from a student recipient:

Mr. Nelson,

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Meehan, and I am definitely considering Fordham for college. While Fordham has not been my first choice (I have a conditional offer from the University of Cambridge), your letter encouraged me to ask more in-depth about the experiences you had in NYC and their effects on your education. Right now I am considering majoring in international political economy; your background definitely helps me in this area.

My dad always stresses that his Jesuit education at Loyola University in Chicago gave him a solid liberal arts education that serves him well. What experiences did you have in NYC, as well as abroad if applicable, that helped you in the future? Being a Jesuit university, what opportunities of service to the community were available? Lastly, if you had to sum up Fordham in one word, what would it be? Any advice you can offer would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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