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2011-2012 Academic Year Presidents Council Engagement

As the President’s Council seeks to fulfill the mission of the Council and help develop the next generation of Fordham leaders, many members guest speak on campus, attend student mentoring events, host events, and serve on panel discussions. Following is a sampling of the academic year’s engagement.


Dan O'Brien, one of 25 President's Council volunteers to outreach to top prospective students this year, received this wonderful note, illustrating the impact of the Council's personal touch:

Dear Mr. O'Brien,

My utmost appreciation for mailing a personalized congratulations and welcome for my acceptance into Fordham University. Fordham feels supportive -- and your experiences regarding the Fordham family are yet another facet that makes this school stand out!

The next several weeks will be filled with contemplating for me; Fordham is on my radar -- and I will be sure to reach for your aid if any questions arise.

Thank you once again, Mr. O'Brien, for making yourself available. It's a great feeling knowing that alumni like you are here to guide students like me through the process.

Ryan Louie

President's Council Member Shows Pre-Law Students Inner Workings of the Court.

Mark Hyland

The courtroom is much less mysterious place for eight Fordham pre-law students, thanks to Mark J. Hyland, FCRH' 77, LAW' 80. Hyland, a partner at the law firm Seward & Kissel, LLP and co-head of the firm's Litigation Group, invited three groups of students to shadow him as he tackled cases in court in April and June. Read the full story.


President's Council women speak at Leadership Conference at Rose Hill.

image image

Above and in assorted photos from the event:
Roberta Garland, Mary Ann Bartels, and Mary Jane McCartney.

image image

President's Council members serve as panelists and mentors at the Spring Executive Leadership Series.

image image
image image
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President's Council member, Steve Sinacore, visits the GSB Honors Society Beta Alpha Psi.

McGourty-Poiesz Humphrey

President's Council members Maura McGourty-Poiesz and Tom Humphrey serve as judges for the Smart Woman Securities Investment Competition at Rose Hill.


President's Council member Sander Flaum pictured with the Flaum Leadership Lecture Series keynote,
marketing guru Faith Popcorn, and GBA Dean David Gautschi and Provost Dr. Stephen Freedman.

As the Fordham Parents Newsletter reports, President's Council and Parents' Leadership Council member John Nelson enjoys mentoring current Fordham students in addition to his own son.

As an alumnus, John Nelson, FCRH '84, GBA '91, and PAR '15, has mentored dozens of Fordham alumni during his career in finance. Nelson, the former CEO of North America at ABN AMRO, said that now that his son Christopher is at Fordham, he sees opportunities for the parent community to extend the reach of the Fordham family even further.

"In my mind, you're a parent to a particular student at Fordham, but you're also in a unique position to be a mentor and advocate to many students like your child," Nelson said.

"There is clearly an opportunity for parents to help kids be prepared and understand the customs, cultures, and language of what they think would be their chosen field of endeavor, and connect them with people who can provide advice and concrete experience so they can determine whether this is the track they can stay on," he said.

Read the full story.

President's Council members John McGinley and Michael Davidson hosted a corporate reception at JP Morgan for Fordham alumni at the firm. Special guests were Father McShane and Deans Latham and Rapaccioli.

John McGinley Michael Davidson
photo photo

The United States economy is not likely headed for another recession, but sustained slow growth could fundamentally alter the American Dream, a panel of economic experts said on Feb. 1. Read the full story.


President Council panelists Joe Quinlan and Mary Ann Bartels pictured with professor Dominick Salvatore (center).

President's Council Executive Committee member Mike Puglisi introduces
Coach Pecora at the Annual Tip-Off Dinner

Michael Puglisi

Jim Fernandez

President's Council, Jim Fernandez, hosted his annual “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for Gabelli School of Business Students.

Pre-Law Photo

President's Council Members Andrew Cavanaugh and Mark Hyland, along with fellow Fordham alumni attorney Bill Banfield, participated on a panel discussion "A Day in the Life of a Lawyer" for Fordham's Pre-Law Society.

FALL 2011 Executive Leadership Series
Continues the President's Council Tradition of Sharing and Exchange

Members of the Fordham University President's Council came out on Oct. 18 to discuss with young alumni the idea that there is more to business than "just business."

Select members of the council—all of whom have built distinguished careers in their fields of expertise—gave advice on the importance of personal and professional ethics and corporate responsibility in the workplace. About 70 young alumni and Fordham seniors attended the event, which opened this year's Executive Leadership Series.

Read the full story.

Executive Leadership Series
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President’s Council Outreaches to Top Prospective Students Once Again

This past spring, 24 President’s Council volunteers wrote 564 personalized letters to top admitted students who were awarded a Presidential, Dean or Merit scholarship. Of that 564 total, 84 scholars — or 15% — chose Fordham as their University. That 15% yield represents a 5% increase over scholarship students who did not receive a President’s Council communication, where the yield was only 10%.

The Council’s personal touch clearly helped to increase enrollment among the most highly qualified students — some of the hardest to capture. The following email note from a newly enrolled freshman to President’s Council Pat Keenan nicely sums it up:

Hi Mr. Keenan,
I don’t know if you remember me, but you sent me your contact information in May in case I had any questions about Fordham and your experience at the University. You provided me with some great alumni insight, and I just wanted to say thank you for being available to me and helping me through the pre-college process. I attended the optional orientation on campus this past Monday and loved it! I am extremely happy I chose Fordham over my other choices and am very excited to start school in the fall.

Thanks again,
Rachel Aguilar

Spring 2011 Executive Leadership Series Continues the President's Council Tradition of Sharing and Exchange

Council member Roberta Garland, TMC’73, generously shared her insights to a successful career and life— and how, for her, they link directly to her Fordham education— as the keynote of the Spring 2011 Executive Leadership Series. To read the full story, click here.

Keenan Reddy

Photos of the event, capturing President's Council
members Pat Keenan, John Reddy, and our keynote, Roberta Garland, sharing their wisdom and listening attentively.

Three President's Council Members Present During Access Your Future


Ed Blount, John Alberto, and Steve Colletta gave generously of their time in an effort to expose students to different careers as a part of Access Your Future at Rose Hill. Students are grateful to learn from our home-grown experts the tips and tricks of various trades.

image image

Finance Society Invites Dan O’Brien To Address Meeting

President's Council member Dan O'Brien happily accepted the invitation of Professor James Kelly, the faculty advisor to the Finance Society, and his governing body to address the group's weekly meeting. Dan, who is Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at J.H. Whitney & Co., shared his insight into the private equity industry. The vice president of the Finance Society had this to say to Dan in a thank you note the next day:

“I sincerely appreciate your insight into the private equity market, and the details about J.H. Whitney & Co. that you provided. I found it interesting that you spoke to us about the deals that went wrong and how you have learned from them, as opposed to speaking only about successful deals; your humility is very admirable.”

Dan O'Brien Dan O'Brien and students
Dan O’Brien addressing Finance Society. Dan O’Brien pictured with members of the
Finance Society.

Council Duo Visits The Classroom

John Doscas and Greg SummersPresident's Council members John Doscas and Greg Summers, both managing partners at Chartwell Trading, LLC, impart years of accrued wisdom to Professor Nancy McCarthy's Personal Leadership Class. 

President's Council Executive Committee Member Visits Beta Alpha Psi

Mike PuglisiMike Puglisi
Mike Puglisi shared the behind-the-scenes experience of The Blackstone Group I.P.O.
with students from Beta Alpha Psi.

Mario Torsiello Participates in Economics Roundtable

Mario Torsiello

Panelists (l to r) Torsiello, Royer, Foote and Assef, and moderator Salvatore, talk economic recovery.

When will the estimated 8 million jobs lost in the recent economic recession return to the United States in a meaningful way? According to a panel of Fordham-educated economists and financial analysts, including President's Council member Mario Torsiello, likely no time soon.

The sobering predictions were part of "Growth or Stagnation After Recession in the U.S. Economy," the second economic roundtable sponsored by the University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Read the full story here.

Council Members Serve on Smart Woman’s Securities Judges’ Panel

A group of undergraduate women recently formed a Smart Woman’s Securities (SWS) chapter at Fordham. SWS, a national non-profit with chapters at elite colleges and universities across the country, seeks to instill women with the knowledge and expertise to be leaders in finance.

President’s Council members Dave Almeida and John Longobardi served as judges, along with former President’s Council member Carolyn Dolan, for the SWS final investment project presentations. The investment project is formulated with the intention to give students a practical outlet in which they can apply the skills learned throughout the Fall Educational Seminar Series. Students work in teams and go through the real-life experience of conducting research, analyzing a stock, and presenting their recommendation for a company. Their analysis and presentation includes research on industry background, market position, financial analysis, operations overview, and a variety of other details regarding the company.

When asked about the President’s Council judges panel, Angela Luongo, a founding partner of Fordham’s SWS’s chapter and its current CEO, shared, “the President’s Council members added tremendous value to our end-of-semester event. Carolyn Dolan, John Longobardi, and David Almeida used their professional expertise to evaluate the Investment Project Competition fairly; yet, most importantly, they provided instructive criticism that the participants will be able to implement in the future.”


President's Council judges look on as
students make their presentations

From left to right: Dave Almeida,
John Longobardi and Carolyn Dolan

President's Council Member Mario Gabelli Visits Rose Hill

Mario Gabelli

Mario Gabelli (GSB ’65), addresses students in Keating Auditorium on Dec. 1.

In his first presentation for the school that now bears his name, Mario Gabelli (GSB '65) delivered sobering words and visions of hope to roughly 400 Fordham business students.

The Bronx-born entrepreneur, who gave $25 million to the University in September to help globalize the undergraduate business program, told students on Dec. 1 that the United States may be on an extended economic slide. Read the full story here. Read the full story here.

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