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Nora Ahern-Grose

The following story is excerpted from the winter 2012 issue of Fordham Magazine:

The principal and founder of Garland Actuarial, Roberta Siciliano Garland, TMC ’73, is one of the newest members of the President’s Council, a select group of successful professionals who are committed to mentoring Fordham’s future leaders and funding key University initiatives.

Coming from Villa Maria Academy, a small all-girls Catholic high school in the Bronx, she knew she wanted a broader university experience without sacrificing “that sense of community and of family.”

“For me, Fordham was the right blend,” she said, “a nurturing environment, but also a challenging one. And it was large enough to have everything you wanted but still have the personal touch. I never had a class where the teacher didn’t know my name.”

While the future actuary was drawn to Fordham’s math and science curriculum, she appreciated the “ethical grounding” she found in her philosophy and theology courses. Now, as a member of the President’s Council, Garland enjoys mentoring Fordham students and young alumni, encouraging them to maintain a healthy work-life balance as they pursue career goals.

“Your worth is not determined by how many hours you work,” she told students and alumni last May, at the council’s Spring 2011 Executive Leadership Series networking event. “It’s determined by your contributions to yourself, your family, your employer, your clients and society as a whole.”

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