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This past fall, Fordham University celebrated a remarkable 125 years of football. As a part of that celebration, and to kickoff the next 125 years, seven donors were asked to make gifts of $125,000 to create the donor version of the seven blocks of granite for the Fordham football program.
When Council member Frank Keefe, FCRH '68, was asked to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Fordham Football as one of these lead donors, he felt the timing was just right.
Frank commented, "As a member of the President's Council, I know I am asked to support the University at a leadership level. Also, my 40th Jubilee this spring was a motivating factor." The funds provided by the seven blocks of granite donors enable Head Coach Tom Masella to compete among the elite in the Patriot League. And the investment is already paying off - 2007 was a banner year for the program as the team captured the Patriot League Championship and Coach Tom Masella was named the Patriot League coach of the year, as well as the American Football Coaches Association's 2007 Region 1 Co-Coach of the Year.
  "What a gift like Mr. Keefe's means is that we have the most important support of all - the support of our valued alumni," said Coach Masella. "Mr. Keefe, and donors like him, help us fund a first class nationally competitive program and we are so thankful." Frank quarterbacked the Fordham football team during the mid-to-late 1960s years. He says football provided him a fabulous foundation for his college experience, perfectly enhancing the rigorous education he was receiving in the classroom. Now, as President of The Keefe Company, he quarterbacks a top real estate development and urban consultancy firm in the Boston area.


Frank's favorite football memory? "It was at Detroit my senior year, after the riots of that summer. We were playing under the lights. Mike Byrnes was my favorite receiver and I went into the huddle and asked him to discretely shift from the right side to the left. Mike's 245 pound frame shuffling from one side of the huddle to the other was hardly discrete. Everyone in the stadium knew what the next play was. Nonetheless, Mike caught the pass in the end zone."
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