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President's Council member and 1984 graduate of Fordham's International Political Economy and Development Program (IPED), Joe Quinlan, lives and breathes the academic and philosophical teachings of IPED. As managing director and chief marketing strategist at Bank of America Capital Management, Joe keeps a continual eye on the global economy, and the ramifications it has on the daily lives of people around the world.

In a recent address to Fordham's Finance Society, Joe made it clear that students should embrace opportunities outside of the country and challenged them to even bypass Europe for destinations farther east and south. "There's one economy; it's called the global economy and there are different parts," he continued. "Learn how to view it that way. If you're U.S.-centric, particularly at your age, you're missing the boat."

To help ensure the success of the IPED program, its faculty and students, Joe is endowing a fund with a $150,000 gift to support the IPED program's new initiatives, faculty research, and student activities. The enthusiasm Joe has for the program, and his conviction in the way it marries world politics and world economies, is evident in his commitment and in conversation. "Fordham's IPED program is the most comprehensive education and immersion of its kind. My graduate education uniquely propelled me to where I am today, and I'm honestly thrilled to help ensure successive Fordham students can be as fortunate as I am."

In addition to the students who will benefit from his endowment fund, Joe is ensuring that his daughter, Sarah, who is FCRH '10, and his son, Brian, who is newly enrolled in the IPED program, are receiving a Fordham education too. And, that is genuine commitment in another form, unparalleled in its importance as well.

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