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Alumni Softball and Dodgeball Teams

Alumni Softball and Dodgeball Teams

Join Fordham alumni and hundreds of other young professionals in an exciting season of Zog co-ed softball and dodgeball this spring and summer!

Fordham alumni softball and dodgeball, facilitated through the charity-focused ZogSports league, provides a great way for Fordham alumni to come together and compete as a team. You and your teammates can then catch up after the game at organized happy hours. Click here for information about the ZogSports league.

Fordham's Zog teams are made available to alumni at a significantly discounted rate.

  • Spring Team: March – May (Sold Out)
  • Summer Team: May – July (Sundays)
  • 18 spots available per team
  • Slow pitch (six-12 foot arch)
  • 8 games per season plus a tournament

$115 per person/season

Fordham will sponsor two softball teams, one of which will play in the spring and the other in the summer. Each softball team's roster has approximately 18 spots (eight to nine women, and 10 to 11 men per team; typically seven men and three women on the field at all times.) All teams play in the casual league with games on fields throughout Manhattan, including Central Park's North Meadow and Great Lawn. The eight-game season begins on March 27 and runs until late May (excluding playoffs) with games typically taking place on weekday evenings after 6 p.m.

Teams participate in a bonus exhibition game at Rose Hill's Jack Coffey Field and enjoy a postgame event in Dagger John's Restaurant. This game is scheduled to take place as a pre-season spring training event in early March.

The spring team is sold out.
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  • Spring Team: March – April (Weekends)
  • 12 spots available
  • 6 games per season plus a tournament

$65 per person

Fordham will also sponsor its first dodgeball team, which will play in the casual league this spring. The dodgeball team's roster has 12 spots (approximately eight men and four women; typically four men and two women on the court at all times.) Teams play in gym facilities throughout Manhattan. The six-game season begins on March 23 and runs through April with games typically taking place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings.

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For more information or to sign up for either softball or dodgeball, please contact Tim Dinneen at or (212) 636-7068.

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