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Kohlmann Hall

Kohlmann Hall

Population: Prep Jesuits

Named after Fr. Anthony Kohlmann who became involved in a lawsuit in New York after he had been instrumental in restoring stolen goods, which he had received under the seal of the confessional, to a man who demanded to know the thief. Naturally Father Kohlmann refused to betray the guilty man. The decision rendered in Father Kohlmann's favor, justifying the seal of Confession, was embodied in the state law, 1828. He was called to Rome where he taught theology at the Gregorian University for five years. His essay on Unitarianism is classic. Once the Residence and offices of the Provincial-Superior of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in New York, Kohlmann Hall now serves as the residence for the Jesuits teaching at Fordham Preparatory School at the North West corner of the University Campus.

Jesuit Community at Kohlman Hall
Fordham Preparatory School

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