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Darlene Luccio Jordan

Darlene Luccio Jordan, FCRH '89
Executive Director, The Gerald R. Jordan Foundation

Darlene Jordan went to a Catholic high school just outside Boston and wanted to go to a Catholic university, so naturally she checked out area institutions like Boston College and Holy Cross.

But it was another Jesuit university four hours away that seized her imagination, with its beautiful and intimate campus nestled within the metropolis of New York.

“When I went to see Fordham, there really was no comparison,” says Jordan.

While attending Fordham College at Rose Hill, she explored the city, taking courses at the Lincoln Center campus, visiting museums and the theater, and working on Wall Street during her junior and senior years. She picked political science as her major and economics as her minor, while also absorbing different religious perspectives and the Jesuits’ concern for the greater societal good.

That concern is reflected today in her various volunteer and philanthropic pursuits, including her leadership role in Excelsior | Ever Upward | The Campaign for Fordham.

“This will change Fordham,” she says. “It will provide more opportunities for students, greater depth of experience for students, and it will also create better infrastructure for students.”

She also sees the campaign creating more renown for Fordham and attracting more students from across the country and overseas. “Every kid in high school will hear about Fordham,” she says.

Since graduating in 1989, she has obtained a law degree at Suffolk University and worked as a prosecutor, assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general. Today she lives in Boston, where she is executive director of the Gerald R. Jordan Foundation—named for her husband, founder of the investment firm Hellman, Jordan Management Co. She is active in many charitable organizations, and is a member of the Fordham University Board of Trustees.

At Fordham, Jordan says, she gained the kind of rich experience that tends to bind the University community together. She expects that the campaign will not only meet its fundraising goals, but exceed them.

“I don't think that that’s a far-reaching statement, because I know the people involved with the Fordham family,” she says. “We are all committed, we are all dedicated, and we all love Fordham. We all have incredible experiences that we take away from our days at Fordham, and I think that this is truly a transformational moment for Fordham University.”

The devotion shown by alumni gives her high hopes for the campaign.

“Everyone here is of the same mind,” she says. "Everyone wants to see Fordham successful.”


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