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the Maroon Club

The Maroon Club is the umbrella organization for the University's 22 intercollegiate athletics programs and 13 club sports. A donation of $100 or more to any one of Fordham's various athletics support clubs allows you to enjoy the benefits of that specific club as well as the benefits of the Maroon Club.

Members of the Maroon Club foster a winning spirit and ensure a quality athletic experience by:

  • Financially supporting the athletics program with annual gifts that enable the coach to allocate resources for top priority needs.
  • Planning and promoting social events that help build community and increase the visibility of the University and its athletics traditions.
  • Supporting the coach and student-athletes by attending games and events.
  • Encouraging Fordham student-athletes to learn lessons of leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall is a member of the Fordham College at Rose Hill Class of 2010.

The combination of academics and athletics can be very demanding. My scholarship requires me to maintain a 3.0 average. MORE >>

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