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Mary Cline

Mary Cline is a member of the Class of 2011 at Fordham College at Rose Hill.

A Fordham student from Aurora, Colo., Mary Cline is finding out how much she has in common with students from other nations.

The diversity of New York City initially made her nervous, even though it was one of the things that drew her to Fordham.

"I did not think I could get the same experience anywhere else, but I was apprehensive about how people would be different," she says.

Today, however, she feels completely at home among a multinational mix of students.

"It's amazing how similar everyone is, regardless of where we grew up," she says. "I have friends on campus from Mexico, Croatia and Puerto Rico. When we talk about our experiences, I  realize that we have different outlooks but the same feelings."

Now she is looking forward to a studying abroad to Peru and watching a world of opportunity unfold before her. And none of these opportunities would have been possible without financial help.

"Getting a scholarship was a big deal for me," she says. "I'm earning part of my way through the work-study program, but the scholarship enabled me to enroll."

Cline feels that her choices in life are nearly unlimited, beginning with her choice of major. The core requirement has shown her abundant possibilities; she's considering political science, mathematics, business and Spanish.

She's also learning life skills such as time management, and has carved out time to serve in the Residence Hall Association. "There is so much activity on campus that I want to take part in," she says.

She is also developing a vision that encompasses her goals in college and her place in the world.

"It is hard for me now to look past graduation with a specific career in mind," she says. "I just hope to leave Fordham enriched as a person. As long as I'm a whole individual, I'll be able to find the right path and give of myself to others. There's a lot of poverty in the world that gets overlooked, even in America. One person can make a difference."


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